2008 Feb 5th

‘08 Hoboken Condo Sales Numbers – See For Yourself

Hoboken Condo Sales Remain Healthy in January

Despite what the media has us all believing, Hoboken condos are still selling well. There has been a slight downturn from 2 years ago – but not very much. Here is why I say that:

Draw your own conclusions!

  1. Rob Saxe

    Hi Lori,
    This headline was so funny to me that I almost coughed up my cheese and crackers! Way to go!

  2. Kyle


    There seems to be some interesting discussion going on at Kannekt about this post. Somebody purported to use the stats from this article as representative of the entire Hoboken area (single family included) and it ticked off others in the group who claim (and present MLS data that shows) that Hoboken AS A WHOLE has only appreciated 2-3 percent over the past year. Maybe you should chime in and quiet this group…


  3. Kyle

    I might just clarify that your stats show a double digit increase in CONDO prices from 2007 to 2008, whereas other stats show a 2-3% increase in ALL HOUSING prices for the same time period.

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