2008 Feb 15th

To Park or Not To Park – What To Do In The Snow?

One of the challenges that Hobokenites who park their cars on the street face is knowing when alternate side of the street parking regulations are and are not in effect. If you wake up and it’s snowing hard with accumulation, you can probably assume they are cancelled. If it’s just flurrying, they probably are not. When it’s doing something in the middle and you’re not sure whether or not you need to move your car, that’s where the confusion sets in.

Hoboken City Hall does not post suspensions on their web site, nor do they have a phone number (toll free or otherwise) dedicated to suspensions. Alert Hobokenites know to call the Sanitation Department (?!) and they have to speak to someone there. There is not even a recorded message. If someone doesn’t pick up, or if you get a busy signal, you have to wait.

Hobokenrealestatenews.com to the rescue. Beginning today we will call City Hall on snow days and post cancellations here on this blog. If you subscribe to the blog you’ll get notified when new posts go up. Just another way we here at hobokenrealestatenews.com try to add value and improve our already-great community.

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