2008 May 1st

The Weekly Wednesday Wrap-up: Hoboken Condo Sales Activity and Inventory

Brownstone LivingBrownstone LivingHoboken Real Estate – As Of April 30th

Studio & One Bedroom Condos:my-street-small.jpg

Total Active: 188

Under Contract (Dabo’d): 80

Sold (Deals Closed) This Week: 6 Average Sold Price: $425,128

New Listings This Week: 13

Two Bedroom Condos:

Total Active: 301

Under Contract: 92
Sold: 9 Average Sold Price: $612,843

New Listings: 26

Three Bedroom Condos or Bigger

Total Active: 53

Under Contract: 16

Sold: 2 Average Sold Price: $680,000

New Listings: 4
Compare to April 24th. Compare to April 17th. Compare to April 9th. Compare to March 19th. Compare to March 12th and inventory. Compare to March 5th. Compare to Feb. 27th. Compare to Feb. 20th. Compare to Feb. 13th.

  1. Tiger

    Thanks Lori for the stats. Is it me or did the number of new listening drop a bit from the previous couple of weeks?

  2. Matt

    How can it be the weekly wrap up when you apparently aren’t publishing it weekly?

  3. Lori

    Maybe you missed the link. If you click on the link in the sidebar called “Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up” you will find the weekly numbers going back to February when I began posting them.

  4. Lori

    PS – its the link under the heading “Categories”, not “Recent Posts” to get the full history.

  5. Tiger

    Matt, two things:
    1- These are weekly stats, if you look at previous enteries you will rialise that these are published every week.
    2- Some ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s wouldn’t hurt anyone.

  6. Matt

    It looks like March 26th is missing, as well as April 2nd. Maybe they’re just not linked properly? Also, the weekly wrap up only goes up to March 19th, which seems to be caused by improper tagging.

    PS, I do appreciate the information.

  7. Lori

    I’ll try to fix the links if that is the problem. Please keep in mind that this blog is very time consuming and something I do (willingly) on my free time. I do have a full time job, family, and other things going on in my life. If there is some specific piece of info or stat that you’d like let me know and I’ll do my best to get it to you.

  8. robert

    thanks for the info, very useful.
    i am just curious if it worth to publish more avg info of sold condos, such as when it was purchased and at what price.
    i tend to think that if condo was bought more than 5 years ago and significanly apprciated since then, the seller is more flexible and taxes are lower.
    those who had the apt for 3 year or less selling it at or close to what they paid for it.
    does it make sence?

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