2008 Jun 26th

Selling your Condo in Hoboken? Here Are 3 Reasons to Fire Your Listing Agent

1.  The MLS Listing of Your Property Has No Photos

There are, literally, hundreds and hundreds of condos for sale in Hoboken today.  When an agent is working with a buyer, there is no way every unit can be shown.  The agent will choose what to show the buyer based on what they think the buyer might like and, of course, what meets the buyer’s criteria.  Most properties listed for sale on the MLS have at least 8 or 9 photos of the property.  A photo of the facade of the property is supplied by the MLS automatically when the listing is entered.  I am always stunned, however, when I see a listing with no other photos.  What is the listing agent thinking?  How can anyone expect to have shown and sell a property without photos?  If your listing agent has not taken (or hired a pro to take) several excellent photos that highlight the best features of your property and put them up on the MLS, you need a new listing agent.

2.  The Flyer Advertising Your Condo For Sale Placed in the Window of Your Agent’s Office is Incorrect

Every Hoboken real estate office displays flyers in the window advertising properties for sale.  If you are selling your condo in Hoboken and have listed it with a realtor, you should have a flyer, too.  Take a close look at yours.  Are there typos?  Grammatical errors?  Is the listed price correct?  What about the taxes and maintenance amounts?  Is the description complete and enticing?  Do the pictures make your unit shine?  If your flyer is not perfect your listing agent is not doing his or her job.  The same principle applies to any on-line or print ads regarding your property.  In today’s market, everything that is used to market your condo had better be perfect.  You need to stand out from the crowd.  If your agent doesn’t strive for excellence, find one who does.

3.  The Keys to Your Hoboken Condo are at a Real Estate Office Outside of Hoboken

Even though you are selling a Hoboken property, you may have listed it with an agent from an office outside of Hoboken.  That, in and of itself , may be problematical but that’s another post.  If your out-of-town listing agent thinks that local Hoboken agents are going to drive to Jersey City or Clifton to pick up keys to show your Hoboken property, he or she is dead wrong.  If the property is in Hoboken the keys (note I say keys, plural) should be in Hoboken.  The harder it is to show your Hoboken condo that is for sale, the less likely it is going to get shown or sold.  Unless your agent keeps the keys at the Hoboken office or arranges for a lockbox, it’s time to find a new listing agent.

Hopefully, you will consider these things when deciding who you would have list your property and before you sign on the dotted line.  Next post – how a buyer knows if they are working with a competent agent.

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