2008 Jul 18th

Does Your Hoboken Realtor Live in the Past?

Technology Rules the Business World Today

Anyone who is in marketing or sales can attest to the importance of the internet. With the recent release of the new G3 iPhone, mobile browsing grows ever more powerful. Real estate transactions, however, still require a good deal of personal interaction and face-to-face meeting (even hand holding). Using the same person you used last time, or a “friend of a friend”, may not be the best way to select the most up-to-date, tech savvy agent. To really take advantage of the power of the internet, the person you want working for you when you are selling a Hoboken property must be on the cutting edge.

When You Sell a Hoboken Condo, Money Matters Most

Just because a certain Hoboken realtor sold you your condo years ago does not mean that they are necessarily going to do the best job for you today. You may have a relation with that agent and you might even be neighbors or friends. That doesn’t mean they are the best choice when it comes to selling your property. Yesterday’s way of doing business has changed dramatically. In just the past few years, the on-line presence of real estate listings has multiplied geometrically. Your friend may ‘know a few people’ but may not know his or her way around Zillow, Trulia, or Craigslist. Craigslist is only the beginning. Look out for virtual tours, video, and podcasts to hook the buyer on your Hoboken condo. You need to reach the largest possible audience of Hoboken buyers to maximize the sale price of your Hoboken condo or home. That means your realtor better know how to utilize technology and the internet to the nth degree and do it well.

Does Your Realtor Pass The “Email Attachment” Proficiency Test?

Do you get emails on your blackberry (or palm or iphone) that are gibberish? I know I do every day. With literally hundreds of messages a day, if I can’t read your message right off the bat chances are I will skip it. Many realtors try to send mass email flyers to other agents and customers but have no clue how to do it. Instead of seeing a mobile screen of useful info, a bunch of html tags appear. Knowing nothing about today’s most popular technology platforms these agents are simply failing to communicate well. If they can’t send an email message well do you think they are going to do a good job of reaching potential customers?

Did The Message Come Out of A Box?

Some agents realize that they need to ‘keep up with the times’. They buy a pre-packaged website/mailing program. You’ll know when you are looking at one of these because the actual content of these sites and emails is so dumbed down as to be pablum. If you are selling a Hoboken condo you need to reach a young, sophisticated, technologically advanced audience of potential buyers. They are not going to read template generated form letters. To reach these buyers your agent must provide them with meaningful and engaging content that will make them desire your for-sale property.

Invite Her Over For Pie Instead

Of course, loyalty is an admirable trait. When someone in the business world has done right by you, then you should absolutely stick with them. Assuming they are qualified. If you are not willing to lose money because your ‘friend’ the agent hasn’t got a clue about today’s way of doing business, here’s a suggestion. Continue to be his or her friend but instead of engaging them to sell your Hoboken condo, invite them over for pie. Then hire the best, most qualified agent you can find to sell your home. There are many to choose from.

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