2008 Aug 9th

Brett Favre Comes to Save the Jets and Live in Hoboken?

Brett Favre Needs A New Home and Hoboken Would Be Just Perfect

Dear Brett,Brett Goes Green

We are thrilled you’ve decided to join the Jets. We need you. Badly. We hear that you don’t like big cities much. So I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Buy a condo in Hoboken. Aside from being near to the Meadowlands, Hoboken has lots to offer. It’s a friendly place like Mississippi, so you’ll feel comfortable here, it has great views of Manhattan, and is filled with families with small children. It has a real small town feel. You might have heard that Eli lives here. That’s right, Eli Manning, star quarterback of the Superbowl Champion NY Giants – the other team in town. There have been rumors that A-Rod bought a unit (or two) at Maxwell Place. Well, I can get you a place way better than theirs. With a better view and more space. So call me. J – E – T – S – BRETT BRETT BRETT!

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