2008 Aug 10th

Hoboken Condo Sales – The July ’08 Sales Figures & Market Analysis

July Hoboken Condo Sales Drop From Last Month

Here are the Hoboken real estate market condo sales numbers for July. The figures are down in almost every respect. Average list price, average sales price, price per square foot and median sales price have dropped from June’s numbers. The listing discount is greater, meaning Hoboken condo properties sold for less than asking by a greater spread than last month. There was an increase in the number of units sold increased and days on market decreased and there were sightly fewer new listings. There were fewer new condo listings in July than last month.

July 08 Hoboken Condo Sales Compared to Past Years

What Does It Look Like on a Graph?

  1. JT

    Interesting to note that per square foot was down vs. June in ’06 and ’07 also

  2. Lori

    It was and I’m sure some amount of the fluctuation from month to month is seasonal. One month of similar movement over 3 years, however, is probably not enough of a trend from which to make any inferences – it is probably just coincidental but I noticed it too.
    – Lori

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