2008 Sep 19th

Hoboken Open Houses (condos) – Sat 9/20 & Sun 9/21

At last! A comprehensive google map of ALL of this weekend’s Hoboken open houses (condos) in a single webpage!



Hoboken Open House Mania

A few things really stuck out when putting together this hopefully comprehensive map of this weekend’s open houses in Hoboken. First, the huge number of Hoboken open houses charted below is over 79.  That’s not including single or multifamily homes or for sale by owner.  That’s a lot of open houses!

While I wish I could  sort the list by price it’s just not feasible.  Since real estate is all about location, you can pick your Hoboken neighborhood and click on the blue markers to get details, including a link to the MLS listing for each property.

Is Your Listing Agent Hosting a SECRET Open House?

I compiled the open house information from a large number of sources.  As you can imagine, it took a few days.  First I did an open house search on the MLS because agents are able to enter the info right into the MLS system.  There were about 55 properties there.  Then I searched craigslist.  Then I looked for an open house link on each individual Hoboken real estate office website.  Not all offices have one or some, like Weichert, kept coming up blank.  So I walked down Washington Street picking up flyers from the front of each office and looking at each agency’s windows for OH postings.  Not every office does this either.  Finally, I checked all the emails I received from other agents announcing their open houses .  Still, I cannot guarantee that the list is 100%.  If you are a seller and your listing agent has made it so hard for me to find out that there is an open house this weekend, you may have a problem.  I am an agent and I know where to look.  Many buyers do not.  You don’t want to have a secret open house!

The Hoboken Reporter runs ads for Hoboken open houses but unlike the NY Times, the paper is not available in advance and it’s not distributed until Saturday morning.  I’ll try to cross check and make any adjustments for last minute changes.  If you notice any, just email me so I can make the correction or addition.

Don’t Like Being Hounded by Realtors?

Finally, whenever you go to an open house, the hosting agent will ask you to sign in.  That is done for a few different reasons.  First, for security concerns signing in provide a record of who has been in the property.   It also lets the seller know how big or small the open house turnout was.  Finally, it is a way for the hosting agent to get your contact info.  When they do, and assuming you don’t just make up a name and ficticious email address, they will typically email or call you to follow up.  A simple “thank you for coming to my open house, let me know if I can help you find a home is probably not objectionable.  Unfortunately, that is not always what happens.  Instead, you may find yourself inundated with emails and unwanted calls from the agent. Nobody likes spam.

The “I’m Already Working With A Realtor” Solution

If you want to go to open houses and not be hounded there is an easy way to prevent it.  Tell the hosting agent you are already working with a realtor.  Then you can just give your name and your realtor’s name and company.  Realtors are not supposed to poach each other’s customers.  Hoboken being a small community and with a very small group of agents doing the vast amount of sales business, most agents respect the ‘hands-off’ policy with regard to another agent’s customers.  Agents actually urge other agents to send their customers to an open house unattended so more potential buyers can see the property.  So if you walk in and say “I’m working with a realtor” the host should just be polite and professional and show you the property.  If they still ask you to sign in, you are welcome to use my name as your agent.

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