2008 Nov 27th

Happy Thanksgiving Hoboken!

We hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends. No matter how bad we think things are here in Hoboken, there are many people in the world way worse off than we are so let’s be thankful today for all that we do have.

  1. dmitri

    Amen to that Lori.:)

  2. Tiger

    Amen Lori! Well said! Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving holiday and ate some good turkey!

    Things are really bad for everyone, so whether you rent, own, Hobokenite or non-Hobokenite, you must be affected somehow, but you are not alone! A lot of people got laid off, a lot lost a lot of money in their homes, and a lot lost a lot of money in their 401K. The bad economy got to everyone in one way or another. But hang in there! We’ll make it, and there’s plenty of time to make up for it!


  3. Lori Turoff

    Things seem even worse when the only things you focus on are material ones.

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