2008 Dec 9th

Hoboken Property Tax Increase – the Plot Thickens

By Lori Turoff –

[email protected]

Hoboken Tax Revolt  

I just got an email from a neighbor asking Hoboken residents to join a Hoboken Tax Revolt.  They’ve put together a website:  www.HobokenRevolt.com

Here is what the email says:

We’ve had enough.
A 47% increase in our taxes is unacceptable.
It’s time the taxpayers of Hoboken were heard.
Stand up and become a part of a better Hoboken.
One with accountability, transparency and responsibility.
The larger the group, the louder the voice.
Join us in protest on December 17 at City Hall.
6:00 pm ~ Protest Rally
6:30 pm ~ Press Conference
7:00 pm ~ City Council Meeting
Let’s cut spending. Not ribbons.
To learn more, or become part of Hoboken Revolt log onto
The MISSION of HOBOKEN REVOLT, a community-based group,
is to ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability in Hoboken government
and the fair allocation of property taxes among all Hoboken property owners.
1) HR seeks immediate measures to reduce out-of-control municipal spending
which has resulted in the mushrooming of the city budget from $53 million to
$120 million over the course of seven years and imposed an unacceptable burden on the taxpayers.
2) HR advocates deep cuts in expenditures for all non-essential services,
based on an expedited, comprehensive and open review of the current budget
proposal and of the City’s existing legal obligations.
3) HR advocates a zero-based, austerity FY ’10 budget with transparency
and accountability in the budgeting process.
4) HR expects the Mayor and each member of the City Council to make
cooperation in achieving the aforementioned cuts in spending their top
priority. The Mayor and each member of the Council must be accountable
to the public for their individual roles in the process.
5) HR seeks a moratorium on any new PILOTs, abatements or other actions
which allow property owners to pay less than their fair share of municipal taxes.
HR also calls for renegotiation of any existing PILOTs and abatements, where permitted by law.
6) HR asks the State Fiscal Monitor to address the property tax consequences
if the city-owned hospital fails, since the city has guaranteed over $40 million in hospital bonds.
HR endorses prompt city action to revert the hospital from municipal ownership to a not-for-profit entity.
7) HR supports taxpayer activism in the form of collective advocacy and protest,
and large-scale individual challenges to property valuation in furtherance of HR’s goals.
8) HR seeks to ensure that the City of Hoboken immediately meet its legal obligation
to undertake a comprehensive property revaluation conducted by a third party independent
group selected by the State. The revaluation process and schedule should be set forth in writing,
open for public comment, and be transparent at all times through its implementation.
9) HR expects the Mayor and each member of the City Council to publicly state their
respective positions on the proposed revaluation and immediately appropriate the
necessary funding for its implementation.
10) HR calls for an independent review by the State of the City’s failure
to implement a timely Hoboken revaluation.
©2008 Hoboken Revolt. Hoboken Tax Reform Coalition is a community based group  with absolutely no affiliations to any political organization or individual.
These are their words, not mine.  Worth some thought, especially if you are or about to become a property owner in Hoboken, no?
  1. DKzzzz

    I think it is worth a thought for anyone living in Hoboken and able to vote. Hoboken is probably one of the smallest towns in a country and populated by young educated professionals who owe it to themselves to participate in public life to prevent good-old- Jersey stealing of their own money.

  2. jack

    “Can’t lose money in real estate and the company gives you free money for a 401k”.
    What a bunch of idiots.

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