2008 Dec 12th

The Hoboken Open House Interactive Google Map – 12/13 & 12/14

Plan Your Hoboken Open House Tour Using Our New Improved Color Coded Map!

As we get closer to Christmas and Hanukah there will be fewer Hoboken open houses to visit.  This happens every year, recession or not.  If you’re out there looking, there should be fewer buyers to compete with and there are still plenty of sellers anxious to sell, so utilize our color-coded weekly Hoboken Open House Google Map to plan your search.

In addition, the Deal of the Week is indicated with a bright, yellow dollar sign.  Markers with a dot in the center are from previous weeks.  We are very aware of which units are likely to have open houses again in the near future (even if they are not necessarily having one this weekend) and we don’t always delete those as it saves us input-time in preparing future maps.

Hoboken Open House Google Map

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