2009 Jan 24th

The Hoboken Open House Google Map – for Sat. Jan 24 & Sun. Jan 25

By Howard Turoff – [email protected]

Hoboken Open Houses

There is plenty to choose from this weekend.  So if you can brave the cold, it could be a productive day. 

Below is the map key.  We added a new icon – brand new listings will be indicated with a “push pin” instead of with a “bubble”.  The colors work the same way as always:

There are many units that are likely to have open houses again in the near future (even if they are not necessarily having one this weekend).  We keep the past two week’s worth on the map as it saves us tons of input-time in preparing future maps.

Hoboken Open House Google Map

Be sure to check out our recent posts  The Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up from last week, and the December Results – Part 1.   A final thought – we’ve been thinking about posting brand new listings each day as they appear on the market.  Is that something you would like to see and find useful?

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