2009 Mar 6th

The Hoboken Open House Google Map – for Sat. March 7th & Sun. March 8th

By Howard J. Turoff –
IMPORTANT ALERT – March 6, 2009, 7:30PM – The Hoboken Open House Google Map has mysteriously disappeared! The “My Maps” team at Google have been alerted. We hope to have this technical problem resolved asap. If you go to look at the map, and the link takes you to a blank, untitled map, please accept our apology and check back again in a little while. We’re working on it!

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Tomorrow is the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Hoboken, so if you’re planning on going open house shopping, do yourself a favor and get an early start, and keep to the side streets.  Walking up and down Washington may be a slow-go thanks to the celebration.  Have fun, be safe, and don’t get over-served.  Green beer stains are tough on the shag carpeting!

Here’s This Week’s Hoboken Open House map:

Below is the map key. New listings (less than 10 days on the market and/or first timers on the map) will be indicated with a “push pin” instead of a “bubble”. The colors work the same way as always:

There are many units that are likely to have open houses again in the near future (even if they are not necessarily having one this weekend). We keep the prior week on the map as it saves us input-time in preparing future maps.

View Hoboken Open House Map

If for some reason you’d like to see one of these but can’t make it, give us a call and we can set up a private showing.  Have a great weekend everyone!

  1. dkzzzz

    Today is St. Patric day in Hoboken and streets are packed with 20 y.o. students. Every other balcony in downtown area is filled with yelling drinking kids. I am very surprised to see the number of parties and participants in EVERY condo building from Hudson to Adams from first to 5th streets.
    It looks to me that downtown area is overwhelmingly rentals. What is your opinion of Path area-downtown Hoboken? IS it all rentals 2-3 kids in one apartment ?
    Is uptown Hoboken less rentals and more adult?
    I don’t want to live in a half a million condo surrounded by renting frat kids.

  2. Lori Turoff

    Today is not a good day to ask me what I think of anything having to do with Hoboken. What a disgrace.

  3. JC

    Fair enough, today is a giant college party for those in green shirts. But the businesses along Washington Street are hopefully doing well.

    Dkzzzz, absolutely uptown is more adults and young families than downtown.

  4. Lori Turoff

    I live uptown and today it’s just as bad as everywhere else. Normally it’s pretty quiet, thank God!

  5. dkzzzz

    Lorri are you saying you have never seen a scene like this ? You have lived here a long time…What do you think is happening?
    Is it changing to rental community? I see kids in almost every building on every balcony which means there are kids who live in these buildings…,which means these are rentals…
    Your thoughts?

  6. Lori Turoff

    No, it’s like this every year. This year was particularly bad because the weather was so warm it made it easy for them to take the party outside. There are rentals in Hoboken and they are subject to rent control so there are a lot of inexpensive rentals. Most of the people here today, though, don’t live here. They just come here to carry on. If anyone thinks this helps Hoboken’s image or property values – guess again.

  7. Tiger

    I’m still in Seattle (had to work yesterday), but thank God I’m here. I’m looking at the comments and gallery on Hoboken411, truly disgraceful! The problem with SP is the fact we have to deal not only with our own trash, but also trash from nearby areas (hence we hold it two weeks early, so that our bars don’t compete with NYC bars).

    Truly disgraceful. I heard police were on full force, yet they couldn’t control the mess. We should have hired parttime Union City and Jersey City cops for the day.

  8. New2Hoboken


    I’ve been following the discussions on the local blogs about the merits of St. Patrick’s Day in Hoboken and I wanted to add my $0.02.

    I am a single young professional who lives in the middle of the downtown area. I choose this area for the convience to the PATH, restaurants, shops, etc…

    I had some friends over, drank, went to a local bar, drank, got some food…drank. After discovering that the $20 cover charge was citywide, decided to finish up the day in JC. Nobody would interpret what I did as anything other than responsible drinking and wanting to have a good time. While I was certainly in the minority, attracting the hard partying group has to be accepted as a necessary evil.

    However, these kinds of things can be found every single weekend in Hoboken (albeit to a much lesser degree). Like it or not, that’s part of what defines and makes Hoboken great. If the parties were to die down or go away, Hoboken would be a very different place. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for this day though. Nobody decided what Hoboken has become. It’s location and natural features have had a much greater influence than any real estate developer or investor ever could.

    Hoboken is family friendly and a party town. Sure the lines between those 2 aspects can be blurry or nonexistant at times, but that’s what living in a dense urban area is all about. People who want to live in an area that’s never going to see an alcohol fueled party filled with out of towners and frat kids probably shouldn’t be living in Hoboken, and should consider moving out to the suburbs. It’s like wanting to be close while keeping the ones you don’t like away (maybe Hoboken should try co-ops?….HA!).

    Hoboken’s image hasn’t been improved or tarnished based on this past weekend. Rather it has enforced the image of what it actually is.

    As far as whether this is good or not for property values, I was dead set on moving to Manhattan to be “where the action is”. The first time I ever came to Hoboken was for SPD 2007, causing me to reconsider my obsession with NYC. Two years later I own a piece of it and I couldn’t imagine myself any happier anywhere else.

  9. Lori Turoff

    New2Hoboken – Partying is one thing – I’ve done my share and have nothing against it. As you say, though, it’s a matter of degree. This party got out of control. Intentional destruction of private property is entirely another matter and that is what took place all over town. I lived in Manhattan “where the action is” for 20 years and Hoboken for 10 and never witnessed anything as objectionable as what I saw yesterday. You are very wrong – it is avoidable.

    I suspect that most of those involved were not from here and those who were do not own here but rent. Believe me, I am not alone in my feelings and I am sure, after speaking with many neighbors and several government officials that something must and will be done to solve this problem. If out of control nuisance and rampant destruction is what you think Hoboken “is” you are entitled to your opinion. It’s not, however, what most of us want our community and home to be about.

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