2009 Mar 30th

38 Photos, 3 Diplomas and a Silver-Plated Cigar – This is Not My Beautiful House!

How NOT to Sell Your Hoboken Condo

With all the real estate related reality shows on TV and the plethora of advice articles in every newspaper and magazine you would think that home sellers would learn a little about staging a Hoboken Picturescondo to sell.  I was out with some serious buyers this weekend looking at Hoboken condos in the half million dollar range.  There was one that’s been on the market for days.  It’s not a bad unit – decent floor plan, over 1000 square feet, and priced right.  It’s in a reputable elevator building, had deeded parking, w/d, CAC, all the bells and whistles.  Not too different than so many newer buildings in the north west part of town.  What I found amazing was what I can only call the “personal family shrine” that the owners had on display.  Every surface had framed family photos on it. Every wall had memorabilia hanging.  There was even a silver-plated cigar from baby’s birth.  

Filling your home with sentimental objects and momentos is a wonderful thing.  But when you’re trying to sell your condo it’s just too personal!  Buyers are not interested in your baby pictures, your wedding invitation or where you went to college.  In fact, I’ll tell you a little secret:  it distracts the buyers from looking at the property and prevents them from imagining it as their own.  Wonder why your Hoboken condo hasn’t sold?  Maybe you need to get a big box and pack up the photos.

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