2009 Apr 7th

The Hoboken Condo Market – Quarterly Results From 2000 to Date

Want to Know What’s Happened in the Hoboken Condo Market by Quarter for the Past 10 Years?

We have compiled some detailed statistics and a very big spreadsheet and accompanying charts showing all sorts of juicy data such as average sales price, median sales price, number of transactions, comparing Hoboken to Manhattan and more.  Problem is, it is too big to embed into a post.  So if you send me an email at [email protected] with the subject “quarterly Hoboken figures” I will invite you to view the google doc.  You need a gmail account to view google docs and if you don’t have one you can create one very easily for free.  You don’t have to email me from the gmail address, though.

Here’s a small taste:


  1. Tiger

    Thanks Lori and Howard!

    This has got to be the **best** spreadsheet out there! I have never seen anything this comprehensive, this detailed, and the Manhattan comparison and spread is the icing on the cake! **VERY** interesting trends there!

    Great job as always!

  2. potential_buyer

    Agreed – this is absolutely tremendous information, as unbiased and objective as it gets! Will be interesting to see if the # units sold remains low for several quarters, as the trend in the past is that it may be weak for just one quarter, and then jump back up. Let’s wait and see!

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