2009 Apr 19th

Love Hoboken. Vote Tuesday 2pm to 9pm for Board of Ed. & the School Budget.

If you are already registered to vote in Hoboken, you do not need to register separately for Tuesday’s Board of Ed. election. Nor do you need to be a property owner or have a child in the school system.  Nearly 30% of your tax bill goes to the Hoboken school system.  The reputation of our schools and educational system affect your property value.  This is critically important this year in light of our property tax increase.

There are 6 candidates for 3 open seats.  You will also have the chance to vote up or down on the school budget, which represents 30% of our tax levy. If the school budget is defeated, the budget will go to the city council which, within certain constraints and subject to statutory minimum funding, has the authority to approve a reduced budget.

Please take the time to become informed and vote.  Here are some of the issues:

Here is a quick and easy fact sheet and chart of candidate profiles and as well as sources of further information for each candidate.
Here are the questionnaire answers for Kids First (Minutillo, Sullivan, McGovern 1 4 5) 
Here are the questionnaire answers for United for Students (Raia, Irizarry, Oland 2 3 6)

In addition, voters should be aware of the voting record of the two incumbents, Theresa Minutillo (Kids First) and Frank Raia (United for Students), who have voted as follows on these key votes affecting taxpayers:

Teachers’ Contract with annual salary increases:
Minutillo: Against
Raia:  For

2009-10 School Budget with increase over last year:
Minutillo:  Against
Raia:  For

Love your City. Vote April 21.

  1. Mark

    I will vote for a candidate who will lower my (school) taxes. Who is that?

  2. potential_buyer

    Where does all this money go?

  3. Lori Turoff

    Mark – Then you should vote down the budget and vote for Theresa Minutillo’s slate as she was the only incumbent candidate who voted down the budget. It includes hefty increases and no plan to reduce spending going forward.

    Potential Buyer – the money goes to salaries and benefits, more for administrators than teachers. For example, we have 8 principals but only 5 school buildings. Why do you need more than 1 principal per school? My district had way more students yet we had only 1 and we were one of the best school districts in NY. We were also union free – no teachers union – no extra waste!

  4. Lori Turoff

    Here’s a youtube you should watch:

  5. Tiger

    It’s a shame how much money is wasted and how our students barely meet minimums. My class at Stevens had two Hoboken High students; and they were given conditional admission (i.e. smart students with a lot of potential but POOR educational background). Maureen Sullivan once took high school students on a tour of Stevens ‘to show them that one day they can’ attend it. It’s a shame.

    With all due respect to the good teachers we have, I have never seen a system that rewards mediocore performance like Hoboken School System. We owe it to the kids currently going to School in Hoboken, we owe it to our neighbors, we owe it to ourselves, and we even owe it to our (future) kids. Things have to change, starting TOMORROW!

    Vote Kids First everyone!

  6. Mark


    Thanks. Minutillo, Sullivan, McGovern it is. My wife and I will vote tomorrow for them!

    Next up is the mayor. Not sure whom to vote for that either… Same question I guess: lower taxes will be priority #1!

  7. Tiger

    Thanks Mark! Glad to hear. Two more votes!

    I feel very passionate about this! Not to sound like an infomercial, but to me the choice is clear; it’s a choice between business as usual Hoboken, and change Hoboken. Just check out the questionnaire answers posted above; particularly the one around the outrageous costs.

    If you’re a condo owner; you probably know what that means. Not only in terms of immediate gains (i.e. lower taxes and transparent budgets), but also for Hoboken overall; Areas with better schools are always more desirable to live; as younger families can stay longer.

    And if you are a renter; please take a few minutes and vote tomorrow. We all, owners and renters, want Hoboken to be its best; we can’t have a beautiful waterfront; fabulous shops and bad schools. Schools need to be fixed. I’ve been here 10 years and been hearing same old same old. It’s time for action.

    VOTE KIDS FIRST! Minutillo, Suillivan, McGovern!

    (Sorry to post again but I am very passionate about this)

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