2009 Apr 27th

Hoboken Mayor’s Race Candidate Forum Tuesday, April 28th

Cast an Informed Vote on May 12th

Election day is just two weeks away on May 12th!  Want to learn more about who’s running?  Come to a forum tonight to hear the six candidates running for Mayor discuss the top issues facing our city.

sponsored by:
The People for Open Government
Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition
Our Lady of Grace Parish

If you missed the council forum you can watch video highlights here:


Stay Involved, Love Your Town and VOTE!  Together we can Lower Hoboken Taxes.

  1. Mark

    I decided to vote for Zimmer based on this from Hobokenrevolt.com:

    “If you want to see more of the Russos and LaBrunos, and you want the status quo, then vote for Mason or even Cammarano. The Russos are endorsing Mason. The Roberts & co are endorsing Cammarano. Nothing will change with either; maybe we’ll just get higher taxes. More high rises. More PILOTS. More lies. Enough!
    Although I really hoped for fresh blood, there is none, but Zimmer is the only honest candidate. Just vote for Zimmer – unless you’re filthy rich and do not care.”

  2. ExpatsSat

    A Legend in the Middle East
    A spindly little sparrow is lying on his back in the middle of the road. A horseman comes by, dismounts and asks the sparrow what he’s doing lying upside down like that. “I heard the heavens are going to fall today,” said the sparrow. “Oh,” said the horseman, “and I suppose your spindly little legs can hold up the heavens.” “One does what one can,” said the sparrow. “One does what one can!.”
    – Source: The Effective Management of Volunteer Programs by Marlene Wilson

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