2009 May 1st

Hoboken Open House Google Map for May 2nd and 3rd

The Hoboken Interactive Open House Google Map has been updated for the weekend of May 2nd and 3rd.  Keep in mind that this Sunday is the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival.  As a result there are a lot fewer open houses this weekend than usual, and a great many of them are on Saturday, not Sunday, so plan your house hunting schedule accordingly.  Also keep in mind if you’re planning to go to open houses on Sunday to allow extra time to navigate the busy streets.

Click the link below or the image of a little map in the right sidebar.  Every Hoboken open house from the Current, the Hoboken Reporter, the MLS, every Realtor website and Craigslist have been compiled for your easy reference complete with days, hours, and a link to the MLS listing itself.  You can search by unit size, price or location.  You can use the “search” box to search by street name, too.  Click on the colored location markers for details:

Hoboken Open Houses

* Red Bubbles = 1BR condos
* Green Bubbles = 2BR condos
* Yellow Bubbles = 3BR condos and houses
* The Deals of the Week = purple push pins.

New listings (less than 10 days on the market and/or first timers on the map) are indicated with a “push pin” instead of a “bubble”. The colors work the same as above.

* Blue Bubbles are missing some piece of data – for example, the property has not yet been listed on the MLS so there is no link. I make them blue to remind myself that the item is incomplete.

* Markers with a dot in the center are OHs from a week ago that are not having open houses this weekend. Properties that have not had Open Houses two weeks in a row have been dropped from the map.  All of these non-active OH’s have been dropped to the bottom of the sidebar in a new catagory called “Archives.”

TEASER – Keep an eye on this blog for information on a new initative of ours – the Thursday Night T² Condo Crawl!

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