2009 Jul 15th

The Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up – Hoboken Condo Sales and Inventory – for the Week of July 14th

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Hoboken Condos Inventory & Sales – Week of July 14th

There was a slight decline in inventory from last week.  It seems to be from sales but there were some listings that expired as well.  Regardless of how we get there, fewer units on the market is a good thing.  We’re still seeing lots of price reductions, also a good thing. 


Studio & 1 Bedroom Hoboken Condos:

8 new listings.   Average list price $427,876.

189 total active – $398,349 average asking price. 109 average DOM.  Average asking price $564 per sq ft.

2 dabos.   84 average DOM.

2 sold for an average price of 502,740 in 82 days.

11 price reductions.

Two Bedroom Hoboken Condos:

9 new listings – average list price $503,119

290 total active – $602,763 average asking price. 111 average DOM so far.  Average asking price $503 per sq. ft.

1 dabo’d.  96 average DOM

5 sold – $495,300 average sales price. Average 84 DOM.

15 price reductions.

Three Bedroom and Larger Hoboken Condos:

70 active   3BR condos – $928,773 average asking price. 106 DOM so far.  Average asking price $513 / sq ft.

2 new listings.  Average list price $807,000.

1 dabo in 854 DOM.

2 sold for an average sales price of $695,000 in an average of 194 days.

3 price reductions.

Hoboken Condo Open Houses

If you are in the market for a Hoboken condo, our Hoboken Open House Google Map is your single best source for locating every open house in Hoboken. It’s posted on Friday every week. The info is updated weekly. If your google search seems to pull up an older version, click on the title link to get the most current map. Like this report, to receive the map with the actual links, you will have to request it.


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  1. rob

    Great job Lori , is it possible to add average inventory per quarter? it will make sense to see what % of inventory is being sold each quarter. i have a feeling that most of the property sold are investment properties.

  2. Interested

    does anybody notice that everything for sale is on the outskirts of hoboken – 10th/grand, 1st/jackson, etc. – who wants to live out there?

    my theory – the center of Hoboken is strong, so if you negotiate a good deal there – you’re super safe….

    by the way, i’m renter of 11 years who just bought and feels great about it, so i’m trying to spread the joy….

    negotiate a great deal or walk away – this is the time!!! do not miss it, but work it

  3. Tiger

    Interested, congratulations! It’s great to hear stories of people buying condos, loving them, and negotiating a good deal for them.

    But what’s wrong with 10th and grand? Am I missing something? :-)

  4. lori

    I’m sure it’s nice to have a new place to live and your excited. But there are many nooks and crannies of Hoboken with something interesting to offer or some convenience or some reason why another person finds it attractive. Putting down someone else’s block is not cool. Please stop.

  5. Andy

    There’s something to be said for those type of people who like to live in the the “huntington” i think its called up on 9th & Clinton. That place looks like a prison under the guise of luxury condos. :) But to each his own. I’m a brownstone person 100% and will never live in a bix box condo.

  6. lori

    “those type of people”??? What’s with you guys? If we all liked the same exact property, not one of us would be able to afford it. Be happy there are people who like things different from what you would choose. Any more attacks on peoples homes and I’ll delete the comments.

  7. Andy

    LOL very true Lori. Point taken 😉

  8. Recent Buyer

    Interested: I don’t know what “types of people” you’re referring to about, but my friend is waiting to close on a place in the Huntington and she’s very down to earth and a great girl. Keep your negativity to yourself, please. I myself like smaller buildings/brownstownes, but Lori is right, luckily people have different tastes. Otherwise, you’re wonderful brownstone would go for millions of dollars and the large buildings would be subsidized housing. How’d you like that to happen to Hoboken?

  9. SJ

    Any advice on purchasing a fixer-upper over turn-key in Hoboken, in this market?


  10. Interested

    Recent Buyer – I think your post is supposed to be directed at Andy – not me.

    I’m sorry for any negative comments.

    Anyway, I was just saying (I agree with most appraisers) – there are two dirrent markets in Hoboken – walking distance to the PATH and otherwise. The condos that are walking distance to the PATH will always have some demand and are surprising strong (i.e. they sell). Therefore, I think you’re safe to buy within that market if you negotiate a good price, which could happen.

    Sorry again!

  11. lori

    Interested – I don’t know how many appraisers you know – I’ve dealt with hundreds and I’ve never had any say there are there two markets in Hoboken.

    From my experience in Hoboken showing properties for many years, there are many. Some people want to be near the PATH at the expense of the noise, problems with bars and terrible street parking; there are some that will only look on the waterfront; some won’t go west of Willow; some want to be on the “9th Street corridor”; some prefer uptown and take the ferry to the city; etc.

    The one geographic area that buyers seem least interested in would be between 2nd or 3rd and 7th and 8th anywhere west of, say, Clinton. That middle chunk of town is equidistant from the Path, 2nd St. light rail, the 9th St. light rail and close to none. Most buyer want to be near the path, the Washington St bus, or the uptown ferry followed by the Willow ave bus.

    The buildings and the condos near the path tend to be the older, built in the 80’s buildings without w/d s in the units and with small closets and small rooms (like 84 Bloom as an example or several others) and without deeded parking. Short of buying a unit in a gut reno brownstone downtown, and there are some beautiful ones, in the high 500’s and low 600’s, the option for newer units with the amenities many of today’s buyers want tend to be in the northwest or shipyard areas. Most young family buyers want an elevator and parking. They find a walk up with a child to be daunting.

    SJ – are you related to Al Arezzo? If not, seriously consider turn key.

  12. Interested

    Lori –

    I understand your point, but disagree.

    I know several appraisers and talked to each of them about Hoboken. I was advised that about a 3/4 of a mile semi-circle from the PATH station was its own market versus something outside the semi-circle. In other words, a 3/4 of a mile walk to the PATH.

    Real Estate is almost all about location. Also, most people live in Hoboken because of NYC.

    Why is the stuff on the west and north side, so much cheaper than stuff within the aforementioned semi-circle?

    I know brokers want the stuff on the west and north side to move, but they really aren’t…..

  13. Tiger

    Interested, I disagree. With more younger families staying in Hoboken, I think the other locations in Hoboken are attractive, but to different demographics altogether.

    You are right, the younger single crowd prefer the area near the path for easy access to NYC, but the slightly older (and even richer) Hoboken young families live further away.

    Maxwells seems to be doing well, and it’s full 13 blocks away.

    Hoboken is much more diverse than one would imagine.

  14. Interested

    Tiger –

    The prices and turnover would say differently. Again, why is the stuff on the west and north side, so much cheaper than stuff within the aforementioned semi-circle? Why does the stuff within the aforementioned semi-circle move quicker?

    Real Estate is location, location and location. I’m on Park now closer to the PATH – it’s nice and quiet.

    I just think that it’s smarter to buy within 3/4 of a mile from the PATH than otherwise and wanted to provide my opinion to anybody thinking about buying.

  15. Bill

    I disagree

    I think you NEED to be within 5/9th of a mile or else!!

  16. Interested

    Bill – People were getting upset, so I trid to be inclusive. I think a half-mile is about right. That bring you to around 1st/adams, 3rd/Clinton, 5th/garden, etc.

  17. lori

    I’m interested to know what authority “interested” has for his statements about what what sells in Hoboken and what doesn’t. Interestingly, he doesn’t cite any. Sometimes people, when they make a big decision, need affirmation from others that they made the right decision. So Interested has been going on and on here about why where he bought is the only “strong” area of town. That’s not quite ‘spreading the joy’. We all like different neighborhoods. You’re not going to convince us all that we should live or move to 5th and Adams. Enjoy your new home (which you bought without my help although you’re the one whose wife found the listing on my site) and move on.

  18. NAG

    Recent Buyer: Thanks for the compliments : )

    Andy: I’m one of “those type of people” who will be living in the Huntington very soon. I doubt you know anything about the type of person I am, so I’ll tell you. My boyfriend and I are young attorneys who have rented an 850 sq. ft. apt. in town for over 3 years at 9th and Garden. Hot location – sort of. My 3rd floor walk-up lacks central air, so I listen to the hum of my window units at either end of my railroad apartment while I sit on the couch in the living room approximately four feet away from the TV (five feet if you’re feeling generous). Parking – LOVE that. I’ve dealt with that for quite a while now…even tried the mechanical city garage across the street for $200/month. After waiting one hour for my car to “vend” TWICE, I decided it was a waste of money.

    So, THIS type of person who lives in the Huntington is someone who has done the brownstone thing for a number of years and seen it for what it is. I do look forward to the time when my boyfriend and I make enough to afford a brownstone that meets all of our needs, like the nearby neighbors who pay $1m + for their single family homes with parking garages underneath them. Until that time, I’ll take my 1200 sq. ft. condo at 812 Grand St., the parking spot that comes along with it, and I’ll enjoy taking my garbage out in my socks (we have garbage chutes on every floor)…all this while you continue to walk downstairs to drop your trash in the bins outside ; )

  19. jc

    I’m not taking any sides here but what’s interesting is those areas further west that are ‘undesirable’ right now can arguably have the most value and upside potential. Im sure ‘those type of people’ who bought in SoHo in the 80’s or Dumbo in the 90’s are pretty happy.

    Everybody has different areas they prefer to live and we should all hope every area increases in value as Hoboken homeowners. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  20. stan


    Your making yourself feel better about you purchase, by putting other’s people down?

    A new definition of insecure or buyers remorse. I pity you.

  21. Tiger

    Bill, LOL!

    So I am on 7th and Adams, that’s 0.4 miles walk to Hudson, then it’s 0.6 mile to the path. That makes me a full 1 mile (the horror) from the path.

    Does this mean I’m outside the circle of trust?

  22. JJ

    Hi guys!

    Looking to buy 1br/1bath with balcony space – i have dogs. Want to be within walking distance of the path and also not to far from fun. Have about 350. Any possibilities/suggestions?


  23. Interested

    By the way, I rent in that area now. I don’t need anybody to tell me that I’m under contract for a great place. Fact is fact.

    What I cannot beleive is that people are saying that real estate is not about location! WOW!! There are plenty of high end places within a 1/2 walk of the PATH. You don’t have to go North or West to get them – just look around.

    What authority do I have? I have looked at the stats each week for 8 months – Almost everything decent within 1/2 walk of the PATH sold and sold quickly. The stuff that sits sits sits AND sits on the market is the stuff west and north – Just read the listings.

    By the way, I find Lori very biased on this site. For example, she was arguing with the MLS that she does this to provide information and NOT promote herself. Wow – is that true?

    Also, the stuff north and west is the stuff killing Hoboken brokers (aks a couple of them) because they cannot get them sold (without huge discounts) for their clients. Lori – feeling the stress???

    Lastly, one of the top real estate attorneys that I know always said – “Don’t buy anything that’s not desirable.” What does that mean – pay a little more for being closer to the PATH and you will be protected, as you can always sell it! That’s all I was trying to say…. Be a smart Buyer – at one point you may want to be a smart Seller.

  24. Tiger

    I CANNOT believe we are still discussing half a mile. Interested, no one is saying that location does not matter; everyone who lives in Hoboken is keen about location. But what we have a problem with is your definition of location. It is .75 miles (down to .5 miles) of the PATH station.

    While the PATH is fantastic, it is not the only transporation method used by Hobokenites. Some of us take the bus, drive, take the lightrail. I’m personally a consultant so I’m all over, Hoboken has been EXCEPTIONALLY good in terms of location for anywhere in the tristate area really.

    People have preferences, needs, and other factors to think about. Just stop imposing your own standard as THE standard because it’s simply not true.

    Go to Jersey City; the PATH is a 0.25 mile walk from many highrisers. Heck, my friend’s building is literally across the street from Grove St station.

  25. Interested

    Tiger – Yes, I agree 1/2 mile is whatever. Yes, I agree people like all types of properties. However, the demand is best closest to the PATH and not properties farther west and north (not including the north east). I just wanted to give my advice to soon to be buyers from what I can tell from sales and listings. That’s it. I that wasn’t true the prices would reflect that all oh Hoboken is equal – its not. Therefore, in these times, if you can get a good (good) price and interest rate in a high demand area, I (my – opinion) think you’re very safe. If people don’t agree what I’m writing than ignore it and buy where you want – no big deal.

  26. lori

    No, I’m not feeling any stress. You are just missing the point. I hope you enjoy your new home. That’s all I have to say.

  27. Interested

    Thanks, but I think we missed each other points or, more likely, simply don’t agree with each other’s points. Lets agree to disagree. People can review the information and make up their own minds. It’s all fun. Have a good weekend.

  28. homeboken

    Ibnteresed – I think you are experience buyer’s remorse. Congrats on your purchase, but your thoughts on the Hoboken real estate market are misguided at best or just plain ignorant at worst.

  29. Andy

    Yikes. everyone relax. I think it looks like a Prison and from the sounds of it I must have struck a chord because eveyrone would have taken it for the joke it was meant to be and moved on. I meant the one right next to the highschool(not sure if that is even the huntington at all) but that building is the one I reference. I used to live a block from Columbus park and thought it was a great place to live until I was home during the day. The highschool lets the kids run around and make a mess of the sidewalks and the park on a daily basis because they lack staff to supervise the students during lunches so they turn the kids loose for a few hours each day.

    I personally do not see any value in living next to a highschool or housing projects which are a block away on 9th & adams(Columbus Gardens).

    But its completely my personal opinion. It doesn’t mean that you and I have to agree and I never meant it as such. So please accept an apology if I offended anyone. It was not the intent.

  30. Andy

    And Nag, there are plent of other parking options I could suggest for you but they require you walking a few more blocks. My friends all had great success with covered lots other than the mechanical mess on 9th & garden.

  31. Recent Buyer

    Interested/Andy – You are entitled to your opinions. The heated discussion certain provides for traffic on this site! Right, Lori? :-)

  32. Interested

    homeboken –

    I love the place that I’m buying and, if you look at the inventory in Hobo, we had our pick of the litter. After we close, I’ll post it and you can decide yourself. We couldn’t be happier. If we weren’t, we could flip it right now (in this market!) and make 75K to 100K. I couldn’t be farther from remorse…You just want to attack attack attack!!

    I’m sorry if you live in an area that doesn’t sell.

    In regard to my thoughts, they’re correct. Sorry. I did my homework. The stats don’t lie – see whats sitting on the market or what sellers are taking losses on – West and Northwest. Review the listings!!!! How’s that ignorant?

  33. stan

    ‘If we weren’t, we could flip it right now (in this market!) and make 75K to 100K.’

    cmon now

  34. nag

    Andy – Hmmm, funny. Your apology is similar to those you receive from immature high school students, the kind you find across the street from the Huntington before 3 p.m. making a mess… “I apologize for calling your building a prison that’s near a project.” Thank you for taking the time to apologize.

    Also, I’ll take my parking spot in my building…I can reach that in my socks too. You suggest walking a few blocks to park…Paying half a million dollars for a 2 bedroom condo without parking is not how I’d like to spend my money. There is “value” in every amenity at the Huntington, and if you don’t see that, or don’t understand that, then you must not pay close enough attention to the weekly roundup.

  35. Recent Buyer

    ‘If we weren’t, we could flip it right now (in this market!) and make 75K to 100K.’


  36. Interested

    Andy – I agree that the Huntington has value, but the location devalues it somewhat (somewhat). That’s my only point. If you a new buyer can get something similiar (i.e. price, size, etc.) closer to the PATH, it’s a better (safer) purchase for re-sale only.

    Stan – I would put money on it. I got the unit for 22% less than the highest sale in the building and my unit is more desirable than that one. I see what’s selling. For example, a few months ago there was a place at 1st/park (I looked at) that went for 699K (asking was 700K). Last month, the place on 2nd/grand that was for sale by owner went for around 700K (if i remember) – asking was like 730K (i could be a little off). My point – nice places in that location move and at good prices.

    To be honest, I have not looked at the Huntington. How are sales doing there?

  37. Katherine

    Inventory is not uniform across Hoboken. I bought a 4BR in early March and I can tell you that units like this don’t exist near the PATH (2,111 SF, indoor parking, very family-friendly layout). All the units we saw with this kind of space were set up for 2 or 3 bedrooms and had all sorts of finishes we had issues with, like glass staircases.

    We also really like the price we got, $373 PSF. For a family, I prefer living in SW Hoboken because I don’t have to deal with all the traffic and bars. My street is very quiet and attractively leafy. And the car convenience is unbeatable since I am two minutes away from Target & the Holland Tunnel.

  38. SJ

    Not to offend anyone here, but I agree with Interested to some extent.

    It is pretty obvious from price and movement of inventory that the greatest demand is for the homes closest to the path. That doesn’t mean the rest of Hoboken doesn’t have atmosphere… but I agree that one would have an easier time selling the closer they are to the Path train.

  39. nag

    Interested – Sales are doing pretty good, from what I glean off the blog and my own personal research. I recommend taking a look, even if just for fun. I think there are only a few units for sale currently – a 3 bed, a studio just got listed, and maybe another 3 bed with a patio too.

    We are buying the 2b/2bath – there are four floor plans in the building that match mine – one on each floor. The last time one sold was in 2007 (i.e., pre-Lehman, so it’s skewed), it went for well over $600k. No two beds have been sold since then (except for ours). Our sale price will be posted in the “sold” section on the blog in due time ; )

    If you check out the tax records, you can see that people who bought from the developer in 2002 (and moved in in 2004) made, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course, that is not likely going to happen at the second sale, but it shows how “valued” the Huntington is.

    There were a few one beds for sale that recently sold…all in a similar range, around $425k. We looked at a few of them. Nice places…good layouts.

    Another huge plus about the Huntington – great building financials. In this economy that was important to us.

  40. Interested

    Nag – that does sound great – If I had to guess, you’re likely buying for around 525K, but, as you said, we’ll see…. If I am correct, that does seem like a nice safe bet.

  41. Andy

    Nag, since you can’t seem to have civil discussion w/out getting snarky I’ll just sum up your argument that you are obviously insecure w/ your purchase given the drop in prices for cookie cutter box condos in that part of town. Please give your attitude a check at the door since I was only making a joke which you blew way out of proportion.

  42. Bill

    “Bill, LOL!

    So I am on 7th and Adams, that’s 0.4 miles walk to Hudson, then it’s 0.6 mile to the path. That makes me a full 1 mile (the horror) from the path.

    Does this mean I’m outside the circle of trust?”

    Yes, your place is worthless

    I would abandon it if I were you

  43. stan


    except for the fact that your purchase just set the comp

  44. Andy

    Thats a huge point everyone getting deals doesn’t seem to get. They set the comp by getting great deals. I had a fire sale in my building. Guy got divorced and it ended badly so they dumped the unit far below market value. The rest of us in the building are F’d but none of us are going anywhere for at a minimum of 5+ yrs.

    Its these people who think hey the guy in 2007 got 700k so by me paying 600k i just got a 100k equity in my home. No, you got 0 equity except for what you put as a downpayment. Unless you deal w/ some of the exceptional realtors in town who will do their best to hide your unit as a comparable like what happened to me. 😉

  45. Interested

    Stan –

    what does this mean::

    “exceptional realtors in town who will do their best to hide your unit as a comparable like what happened to me.”

  46. nag

    Andy – I refuse to dignify your comments with a response.

    Interested – Thanks, I think (along with our realtor) we did get a good deal – only time will tell.

  47. Andy

    I had a realtor who cherrypicked comps for a unit I was going to buy and it was proven by another realtor I hired who gave me multiple other comps that supported my original offer level. The guy was trying to disguise the comps so I would feel more inclined to raise my offer. At that point in the game I was quite inexperienced in how to do alot of the research myself other than the tax records.

    Nag – Thanks I’ll agree to disagree with you. Please be civil.

  48. Andy

    All kidding aside, I would not be shocked if some questionable realtors in town engage in their own cherrypicking to convince less savvy buyers to put in inflated offers again. Thats the temptation when the information is not publicly available. I think thats why Lori’s synthesis of the available information is so valuable and why she was attacked for doing so.

  49. nag

    Andy does a lot of “agree to disagree” on this blog.

  50. nag

    Andy – My realtor is the owner of the second-highest grossing real estate office in Hoboken, and he is anything but “questionable.” More importantly, he is a friend. Don’t throw a dig at him, especially when you have nothing other than snide innuendos to back up your position. Inconceivable!

  51. Andy

    OK I have no idea who you are and I really don’t care anymore. I never once directed attacks on you or your realtor. Get over yourself. I have had aweful experiences w/ realtors in Hoboken and pleanty of other posters on this blog have as well. Even Lori herself can support that there are questionable realtors in town.

  52. lori

    Questionable does not begin to describe what I have seen – and Hoboken is nothing compared to the rest of Hudson County!

    I think I will do a post with a google map showing what has closed from Sept 15 2008 to date (if anyone knows how to do a heat map I’m all over it). Then we will see what is selling and where. I simply don’t believe that anyone has actually crunched the numbers to analyze it and you’re just taking based on assumptions. A real study would be interesting, no?

  53. stan

    Great idea Lori.

    Thanks for all the effort

  54. Interested

    Lori – Can you should the number of listings in an area versus the number of closings that would be prefect – but, likely impossible…..

  55. Lori Turoff

    Interested – after attacking me earlier you now ask me to do even more work? You might at least apologize first.

    I don’t have time to show every listing. Why don’t you pull it off the weekly wrap ups since you say you studied the numbers?

  56. Interested

    Lori –

    Please re-read the posts. We had a heated debate going until you decided to go personal when I disagreed with you. See:

    “lori said at July 16th, 2009 at 7:36 pm”

    I don’t think there was anything attacking you prior to then.

  57. TS

    Interested said at July 17th, 2009 at 6:17 am:
    “By the way, I find Lori very biased on this site. For example, she was arguing with the MLS that she does this to provide information and NOT promote herself. Wow – is that true?”

    How is that not attacking Lori?

  58. Lori

    Exactly. Thank you. I try very hard to be even handed and fair

  59. Eric

    about setting the comp, very true that getting a good price in no way means you’ll turn your savings into profit when you sell, but I’d rather set the comp than let someone else do it a month later :)

  60. Potential

    Potentially interested in a condo that is on the 5th floor, but no elevator. Stairs don’t bother me, but does anyone think this is going to be a major issue for re-sale?

  61. JC

    Potential….IMO yes, it will narrow the resale buyer pool down. But hey, you dont mind it therefore I’m sure there are folks out there likeminded.

  62. Recent Buyer

    Potential: I would never buy a 5th floor walk up. Liked in a 6th floor walk up in midtown Manhattan for 3 years and it was awful…groceries…walking the dog…not convenient at all. I think you’d have trouble w/ re-sale.

  63. leafgreen99

    Just to clarify: the high school kids go out for lunch because there is an open-campus policy. There is no connection between the students being outside and lack of staff. Where did that come from?

  64. Lori Turoff

    I definitely have buyers tell me on a regular basis that they will not look at anything above the 2nd or 3rd floor. In my opinion, if I’m going to be on an upper floor and have to climb stairs anyway I would just as soon go all the way to the top and benefit from often higher ceilings, possible skylights and certainly less noise as no one would be walking above me. So 5 may just be better 3 or 4.

  65. Recent Buyer

    I totally disagree…three is already daunting, so by the time you reach five it def. feels different.

  66. Potential

    The location is great. Close to the Path but not too close and the place is brand new, updated and has great space. Just concerned about re-sale when the time comes…

  67. bz

    Potential – I think everything should have a balance, including buying your home. If you will enjoy it for many years to come, don’t worry about resale. If you do, here’s what will happen: your property will go up/down the value with the market. If most people don’t like 5th floor walkup, I’m sure that you will get this property for a lower price compared to the units on lower floors. If you resale the property in the future, it should be priced accordingly. So for net profitability, it doesn’t really matter. All the prices are relative to their condition and location.

  68. Hobozer

    I am in the midst of finding an apt in Hoboken to buy, and I’m finding all of this is quite funny. It’s a SQUARE MILE, for one thing. A SQUARE MILE. A person is two blocks closer to the PATH and the world is a better place? Puleeze. I realize that certain folks have to use the PATH as it gets them to their area of the city. I work in midtown and cannot imagine taking anything but the fab buses we have. It is the simplest, most comfortable trip. And I always always always get a seat. I’m in midtown in 20 minutes. I have seen new construction that is tops, and some that is the pits. (Full disclosure – I haven’t seen too many apartments in older buildings that I have liked. There’s always something off. Too narrow. It will be a 2-bedroom, and the second room is perfect for my dog. But that’s about it. SUPER-tiny. But that’s my opinion. Hoboken is quite an amazing palce to live.

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