2009 Jul 23rd

Cammarano Arrested.

Here is a copy of the criminal complaint filed in US Federal District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Here is the video:

The CNBC video:

  1. stan

    Don’t wan’t to gloat, and I know everyone is innocent till proven guilty, but this made me very happy. State and local can’t get it right, bring in the Feds

  2. Tiger

    Things like that make you believe in a higher authority / being. And WOW Hoboken, it used to be that mayors get arrested after the step down (Russo), but now it’s right after they assume office.

  3. Kimberly

    Can’t say that I am shocked. I would be interested to know who else they brought in from Hoboken.

  4. TS

    If things don’t work out for Camarano does anyone know the process for replacement?

  5. Tiger

    Wow! Reading the news this is scary. You know it takes A LOT for the FBI to actually step in, arrest two mayors, plus a whole list of Rabbi’s and personalities.

    The things people do for money, shaking my head.

  6. stan

    reading the article, “politics makes strange bedfellows’ certainly comes to mind.

  7. bz

    WOW! Hoboken411.com was crashed by too many visits this morning. I feel relieved knowing that Hoboken corruption finally can come to a stop.

  8. dkzzzz

    I am laughing out loud.
    Corzain already took over our budget now feds took over our mayor.
    Is Hoboken the biggest and smelliest disaster of a town or what?

  9. Recent Buyer

    Have you guys read the complaint? The meeting btwn Cammarano and “CW” is disgusting. Wow.

  10. dkzzzz

    Maybe the Rabbis and Mayors will get lucky and Washington will deem their operation “too big to fail”.

  11. Tiger

    Well I’m glad he got caught early.

    And dkzzz, NYC is no better. Welcome to the tristate area.

  12. Mark

    WOW. Now I know why I voted Zimmer

  13. lori

    Where did you get a copy of the complaint?

  14. homeboken

    The details revealed in the complaint are staggering.

    PC is cooked, what an unbelievable d-bag.

  15. stan


    latest story on NJ.com, its a pdf file, 10 pages long. just printed it out. he’s finished. all relating to the runoff.

  16. Eustace

    Maybe Hoboken411 deliberately shutdown? That guy was always anti-Zimmer. He can’t face the music? LOL.

  17. homeboken

    It’s not just the run-off, he accepted bribes in the classic pay-for-play developer scheme. All the while discussing things in the Malibu diner!

  18. Mark

    Here’s a picture and a video:

  19. bz

    (from CNN)
    “A federal criminal complaint alleges that Cammarano, 32, a Democrat, took about $35,000 in bribes from a government witness posing as a real estate developer.”

  20. Eric

    The two best quotes from the complaint:

    “the way I operate politics, anybody who helps me, I help them.”

    “[r]ight now, the Italians, the Hispanics, the seniors are locked down. Nothing can change that now. . . . I could be, uh, indicted, and I’m still gonna win 85 to 95 percent of those populations.”

    And this is just the PC complaint. You know the rest is gonna be ten times as bad. AUSAs always hold back, especially Christie’s guys.

  21. stan

    everything everyone posted on this board as a reason not to vote for Peter is listed in that complaint. everything. Such a scoundrel.

    the variances, the high rises, etc. it is an unbelievable read.

  22. stan

    Malibu diner? wtf? man they loved that place.

  23. Andy

    Immediate recall. He’ll be extremely lucky if he avoids jail time. Not to mention the scumbag totally was willing to sell out the town. Anyone remember getting campaign flier from this lying scumbag? Someone is similing on our little town from above.

  24. frink

    Well it has been a whole six months since Hoboken was last nationally embarrassed. Anyone watching the calendar knew the town was overdue. What a joke, some things never change…

  25. Tiger

    hoboken411 is apparently DOWN due to massive traffic.

    I am with you Andy, imagine if that guy actually remained a mayor.

  26. Sean O Cofaigh

    absolutely i n c r e d i b l e all of these revelations. i think its probably enough to alter the culture of politics in the county but probably not enough to alter the reputation of politics in the county.

  27. Bill


    how is this any different from the last time Hoboken’s mayor got arrested?

    that didn’t seem to stop any of the shenanigans for too long

  28. JC

    on CNBC!!!


  29. JC

    If link doesnt work go to cnbc.com and click on video > latest video

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