2009 Aug 17th

A Realtor’s Response

Today I’m posting a response from a local realtor to a comment made by one of our commentors who goes by the name of “Interested”.  You may remember, he is the guy who told me he found out about a property from my Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up; corresponded with me privately about my opinion of the property and its value; and then made an offer through another agent.  Well, seems he’s ticked off the listing agent for the property as well.  Here is what she had to say:

I would like to respond to a [comment to a] post I read recently on your blog.  As a frequent reader, and local real estate agent, I was surprised to read a [comment on a] post which, I believe, was indirectly critical of me. This [comment] was by “Interested” on August 5th regarding the apartment he purchased.

In that post he commented “the Seller’s had no clue how to stage their place or what the price should have been. I think their Realtor just wanted to move it and make her commission.” and “A few minutes with a GOOD Realtor and the Seller would have gotten a lot more and we would have paid it!”

I knew the potential that apartment had and what it could look like as I was also the listing agent for the unit that “Interested” referenced as having sold for 23% more in a *different market*. The higher selling apartment was beautifully furnished with expensive pieces, painted with warm colors, had stainless steel appliances, wine fridge, undermount cabinet lights, custom backsplash in the kitchen, did not have the wear and tear of two children, and was a bit larger. It was also not directly above the garage with a view of the street, and where you can hear the garage door open and close when the other residents move their car.

As a Certified ASP Stager, I can see the commenter’s point regarding the staging of the apartment and, in fact, I felt the same way and advised the sellers that there were many things that could be done to make the apartment appealing to more buyers. In some cases the sellers have the budget and time to do the things necessary to sell at the best possible price, in other cases they don’t.

If money had been spent on paint, appliances and proper staging the apartment would have appealed to more buyers and they could have gotten more money. It would have taken about $20k to get the home in optimum showing condition. However, even in perfect condition it was not worth $75k more in this market because its a walk-up building, not concrete construction, it is directly above the garage, and there are too many homes in the $500k-$600k price range that are new construction to justify asking over $600k.

The [sellers] had intereviewed at least one other agent that had advised them to price it $20,000 LESS than my price. The reason they were given an even lower number by someone else WAS the condition of the property. It was not in bad shape, but not everyone lives like a photo in a Pottery Barn magazine – especially when they have two children, the 2nd of which was a newborn.

I agree there are bad Realtors out there that are lazy, clueless, greedy – and even unethical. But I am not one of them, and don’t take lightly the criticism that I was the reason the home wasn’t staged and didn’t sell for more. The buyer should be happy he got what he felt was a good deal, instead of bashing the Realtor that has no control over how the seller’s decorate their home.

And if you can’t understand why THEY wouldn’t stage- maybe you should take into account that they just had a new baby and prefered to use their time, money and energy on setting up their new home with their newest member of the family.



  1. nag

    WOW – everyone is really all over Interested. I am surprised that you responded to Interested, Tania. If you disagree with him, why dignify his comments with a response?

    You agree with him about the staging issues (incidentally, I saw the place as a potential buyer and agree wholeheartedly as well). However, you went on to take huge digs at the new home he just paid well over $500k for. As a soon-to-buyer, your taking shots at the place you recently listed and sold does not sit well with me. You spent an entire paragraph above listing the negatives about the place…

    Incidentally, I’m sure you didn’t include the bit about hearing the garage door open in your advertisement for the home, and I know you didn’t tell potential buyers in your open houses about the garage noise because we were one of the ones who asked that question.

    Maybe I’m doing a poor job of articulating it, but I expect more from the local realtors in our town than responding to the criticisms/opinions of ONE buyer on this blog.

    I’m really shocked this was posted.

  2. TS


    Please tell me why defending one’s reputation is inappropriate? And Tania “criticized” the apartment she sold in order to explain why it was worth less than the other comp out there.

    My suspicion is you bear some relation, perhaps one of identity, to Interested. If so please stop posting your nonsense as you have already dragged the level of discussion on this board down far enough.

  3. WOW

    This is Interested – I think Lori moderates my comments, so I used a different (fake) name and email address to respond.

    I will say the following:

    1. Staging would have helped – all agreed – we just thought it was very VERY simple stuff – this place now looks like a magazine;

    2. The garage noise is so minimal, so it’s a ridiculous claim;

    3. Parlor level (basically second floor) versus third floor walkup (basically forth floor), so it’s a ridiculous claim;

    4. Parlor level with steps off the terrace into a common backyard versus going through the garage – great for dogs and kids;

    5. Size difference is about 28 sq. ft.;

    6. Unfortunately, stainless steel appliances and better backsplash versus 2001 appliances that still look okay and work great – countertops and cabinets are great.

    Price difference (in different markets) of 685K versus 541K….but, 409 sq. ft. with location, outdoor space, parking, good condition, etc.?????

    Now, for Lori, as she always seems to be attacking because we did not use her, but did use her site. I talked to Lori, but I did not like (or jive) with her personality. If we did, we would have used her. Unfortunately, we did not feel comfortable with her, which is a personal decision – there was no malice. Lori has said a million times on this site – “use a realtor that you feel comfortable with”. WOW – is she serious???

    Sorry for providing negative comments to an anonymous realtor instead of to an anonymous seller!?!


  4. TS

    Suspicion confirmed.

  5. WOW

    TS – are you serious – you’re confirmed? You people are crazy….

    and, thanks Nag for the comments….I was just as shocked….

  6. WOW

    And, Lori, by the way, you’re incorrect with:

    “responded with me privately about my opinion of the property and its value; and then made an offer through another agent.”

    Your timeline is wrong – facts, facts, and facts – isn’t that what you preach?

  7. Lori Turoff

    res ipsa loquitor

  8. Lori Turoff

    Would it be more acceptable to make an offer through another realtor and THEN communicate with me in private about my professional opinion / advice? I think not.

  9. stan

    The realtor did her job, she sold the place.

    Interested, glad how you got the best deal in town, however the seller is obviously happy with the selling price or they would not have sold. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

  10. WOW

    Stan – I didn’t start the discussion – i was just defending it…..

  11. Honestly

    Lori, as always, I appreciate your candid responses. As a NJ Licensed Realtor myself, I have shown properties in Hoboken with much difficulty for cooperation with my fellow licensee holders. As the smoke clears in this market(hopefully sooner rather than later), the weak, the uncommitted, the unprofessional and the pompous who believe the world revolves aroung the Hoboken real estate market(see article on Mayor’s indictment)will not survive(see Darwin) and those ultimately honest and professional realtors like yourself will inherit and corner the market. And for those skeptics, I have never met Lori or her husband nor do we share the same name!

  12. nag

    TS – Defending one’s reputation is not inappropriate. Bad mouthing the home you just sold and revealing information previously withheld about the home you just sold is.

    I knew Tania was the broker for the place Interested purchased, and I read Interested’s comments at the time they were posted…for me, I didn’t think twice that maybe he was right that Tania just wanted to get it sold. In fact, I didn’t even chalk up any of the blame for the things Interested complained about to her. Tania was right when she pointed out that some sellers do not have the time or the money to make their places look like a PB ad. THAT should have been the focus of her response, if she desired to respond at all.

    Bad mouthing Interested’s new home, and the home she just SOLD, is crappy in my opinion. I hold her to a higher standard as a RE broker and as THE listing agent. I wonder what the seller of that home thinks…It’s like Tania’s saying to Interested, “Ha Ha, You did not get as good a deal as you think you did because x, y, and z, oh and by the way, I withheld information from you about your purchase, i.e. garage noise.” I realize that Interested responded that the noise is minimal, and good, I hope it is. But the fact that the seller’s agent posted information about a unit previously withheld during open houses screams of bad faith, and that’s what bothers me.

    TS – it does not bother you that someone effectively duped all potential buyers about the home she listed, and now appears to be BRAGGING about it? I find it shocking and disappointing.

  13. Bill

    HA – this is great!
    No instead of being an anonymous bad Realtor – Tania in now an actual bad realtor.

    If I were the seller or the buyer I would none too pleased with this post.

    She should have just bitten her tongue

  14. TS


    Quite frankly I don’t wish to have a discussion with you as you come off as not-so-sane. Where do you see Tania “bragging”? Where do you see her “bad-mouthing” a property? She provided FACTUAL INFORMATION JUSTIFYING WHY SHE FELT THE PRICE SOLD FOR WAS NOT BELOW MARKET. If you feel her reasons are wrong, then discuss that.

    My last post on this thread as it’s already turned really negative and unproductive.

  15. Tania

    This is Tania. I want to clarify that I am not badmouthing the property. I was simply stating a fact that relates to value.

    Units in buildings directly above a garage door will have a value difference than a unit that is not directly above a garage door. Just as units that are a 4th/5th floor walk-ups will have a value difference from something that’s only a 2nd floor walkup. I mentioned the differences in the kitchen, wear of the homes, and size as well.

    There was no information withheld about the property. Facing the building you see the windows of the property are directly above the garage. This is in plain sight for any buyer to see (and your Buyer’s Agent would have pointed it out). I am sure “Interested” was very aware of this when he purchased, as he was aware that only 3 cars park in the garage and it wouldn’t bother him personally. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is an unchangeable factor of the property that will not appeal to some people- hence affecting its value.

    Its a great property, and I still think he got a good deal. As well as the seller’s getting more than a difference Realtor had valued the place at. But I do not think its worth $75k more as he states in this current market just because he has decorated it, and the sellers couldn’t.

    Bill- I contemplated biting my tongue and maybe I should have (even right now). But I felt it was in bad form for “Interested” to post an extremely negative comment when I did my job and got the property sold with multiple offers. There was no reason for him to badmouth me as to why the property wasn’t fully staged when there were lifestyle circumstance that prevented it. He took a dig at the seller’s way of living, as well as my job – and I take that seriously.

  16. nag

    TS – come on now, bragging is often made up of “facts,” think of the pompous neighbor bragging about the fact that his son is going to an ivy league school on a football scholarship and is currently interning for the governor of NJ. That is bragging. While it may be factually accurate, it’s still bragging.

    And this is productive for the realtors that read this blog. Point – it is unappealing to list all the negatives of the property you recently sold after the fact. It rubs this potential buyer the wrong way and makes the realtor look bad. Like I said, I hold reputable realtors in this town to a higher standard. Maybe the take away from all this is that my expectations are too high.

  17. Bill

    Tania – before you posted – 99.9% of the readers here didn’t know the property he was talking about, who the sellers are and who the Realtor was. (and most really didn’t care)

    whats the old saying about getting into a mud wrestling match with a pig?

    you both get dirty ….but the pig enjoys it??

  18. Recent Buyer

    I have to say that although I understand that Tania needed to defend herself, her post should have been limited to why the condo was not staged better.

    To mock Interested’s new place is below the belt, esp. because she was the listing agent.

    And, depending on how Tania anwered questions to potential buyers re: garage door noise, I question whether she is one of the “unethical” realtors she admonishes in her post.

  19. Recent Buyer

    Lori: please post the condo. Now, I’m curious about this staging!

  20. Tiger

    Thanks Lori for posting Tania letter, I’m glad you are keeping this blog open and transparent.

    I don’t see what you guys are talking about, Tania did not take a stab the property, she stated reasons why she doesn’t think it’s worth $75k more as previously claimed. I don’t see the stab in stating that a condo is on a garage and is not made of concrete, now if it bothers the buy or not is a different story, but it is what it is. I might be missing something thought :-/

  21. Andy

    No Tiger you’re not missing anything. Mountain meet molehill. Its drama for the sake of drama. Tania did nothing wrong in her post above and the reaction by NAG and INTERESTED is just the embarassment for being called out by someone who was involved with the transaction (and can tell another side of the story) on a website they so relish posting anonymously. Sorry but this one’s dead in the water guys. Everyone shake hands and move on.

  22. west9210

    The client… is a client. He MAY very well be a total jerk, but, bottom line, he’s the freaking client.

    Tania Patch, however, is supposed to present herself as a professional and therfore ACT PROFESSIONALLY… both before, during, and AFTER the transaction has closed.

    I think Tania Patch taking it upon herself to post what she posted was the opposite of professional.

    I’m looking around at properties and, yes, therefore in the market for purchasing in Hoboken. After seeing this online mud-slinging fight, I would be wary of using Ms. Patch as my agent.

  23. DE$

    Oh the drama… :-)

    Reputation is everything is this business. As it happens, Lori and Tania have two of the best reputations among Hoboken realtors. Accusing Tania of setting the offer price too low is a direct criticism of her professional judgment and ethics. She’s clearly stating the reasons for where the listing was priced – not criticizing the property.

    My wife and I have been to enough open houses around Hoboken to see quite a few undesirable units in the most desirable buildings. It’s impossible to know how deep the discount should be on those units, but the last thing a seller (in this market) wants is to have it sit on the market for months at an inflated price hoping that someone will swoop in and overpay. On this board, we’re always praising realtors who try to move units at fair prices.

    Tania: Don’t sweat this. Glad to see you landed that FSBO at 109 Grand. Those poor sellers weren’t getting anywhere on their own.

    Interested: Be happy you got a good deal, dude. If your place is on Clinton, you should know my wife and I loved that unit except for the garage door. It will be challenging to resell down the road, but hopefully the attractive price will give you some flexibility to pass some of that discount along to the next guy.

    Lori: Unfortunately, you can’t expect every user of this site to sign up with you. Suggest you post “Case Studies” of your more successful buyer and seller experiences. I think folks like hearing about these one-off stories and it would also show off your “mad skills at realty” and perhaps nudge people further in your direction.

  24. stan

    I just checked the place out on Tania’s website. I thought it looked pretty nice from the pictures.

    Fridge wasnt stainless steel, but who cares, ss appliances and granite cc’s are becoming today’s linoleum and formica. Didnt see much bally hoo’ed garage door from the pictures though. I don’t really see how that equates to 75k.. This could just be where the market is at right now.

    I think this statement from Tania hit the nail on the head….
    “But I do not think its worth $75k more as he states in this current market just because he has decorated it, and the sellers couldn’t.”

  25. thoughts

    I don’t remember the subject post. But, whether or not it was the realtor’s or seller’s fault or whether or not it would have affected the purchase price, wasn’t the issue that the condo was not staged at all? As a seller, I would appreciate that kind of information and post. It sounds like Tonia wanted to get some press out of this one. Interested seems to rebuke most of Tonia’s comments. That said, it is likely a matter of opinion, but around 400 per square foot does sound low? Thoughts?

    Also, I think Lori was a little off base for posting this item, as she seems to know Interested and was not happy that he went elsewhere for a broker.

    This was a fun one!


  26. Bill

    so Interested – is this the place you think is worth 625k?


  27. Recent Buyer

    very nice. looks gigantic. too bad it’s not a 3 bedroom.

  28. stan

    was parking included?

  29. nag

    Andy! So glad to see you’re talking trash, once again, making no sense whatsoever. What do I have to be embarrassed about? I was not the seller, the buyer, or either of the RE agents involved in that transaction.

    Seems quite a few people on this strand agree that Tania’s post was inappropriate. That’s the take away from this.

  30. Fred

    During Tulipmania, I suppose sombebody that bought a tulip for $20,000 would have thought they were getting a great deal if comparable tulips, at the time, were selling for $25,000. However, that says nothing about the wisdom of the purchase in absolute terms. A philosopher’s once said, “a horse that can count to ten is a remarkable horse, not a remarkable mathematician.”

  31. lori

    That is the property at issue. Unit 2 was listed at $635k in November of ’06 and sold for $607. Tania was the listing agent on unit 3 which was listed at $669k in August of ’07 and sold for $685. She listed unit 1 for $559k in April of ’09 and it sold for $541k. I don’t think anyone will disagree that after Lehman went under, the market took a turn for the worse and sellers could not ask ‘pre-Lehman’ prices and expect to get them.

    Tania wanted to respond to Interested’s comments because he said she priced it low to sell it quickly, implying that she didn’t do her job. What no one has focused on, however, is that it is the SELLER’s decision as to where to price their own property, not the listing agent’s. Similarly, agents often make recommendations to sellers about changes to make that will result in their property showing better. Sometimes the sellers simply refuse. Again, it’s their home and they have the final say. None of us know what transpired between the seller and the agent here.

    As for allowing Tania to post, I actually encourage any and all realtors to contribute. The real estate industry needs more communication and discussion, not less. While you may disagree with some statements, in the end it’s in the consumers’ interest to have open discourse over secrecy.

    Finally, I have no issue with Interested or anyone else choosing to work with someone other than myself. What I objected to was Interested working with another agent and expecting me to give him my professional advice on his personal situation. He went on to make repeated comments here about what a good deal he got, why his neighborhood was best, etc. etc. Believe me, I don’t need his business badly enough to care that he didn’t choose to work with me. The service Howie and I provide to the buyers and sellers out there by writing this blog and giving market information freely, along with a forum for discussing it brings us plenty of business. But this is my blog and I am the moderator. It’s very easy for people to comment and attack one another behind the veil of anonymity. Tania had the guts to put her name on her position. I do so every post. I bet if all the commentors had to identify themselves the comments would be quite different. So while I make every attempt to allow the discussion to be free and open, I am the moderator and sometimes I must moderate. Now let’s all move on.

  32. JT Johnston

    The market determined the value of this property at the time it was sold. In the end it’s the buyers who determine value. In this case “Interested” paid what they market was willing to bear for that condo. Other people could have bid higher and chose not to.

    If this is such a great deal, put the property back on the market and flip it for $75,000 more if you are so confident. Given the fact that there are over 500 two bedroom condos for sale in Hoboken and only about 47 sold in that past 30 days, I doubt you will.

  33. stan

    JT- I agree.

    the price it sold for is the market value. nuff said.

  34. Andy is a Doofus

    Jesus H. Christ, “Andy.” YOU are posting anonymously! Do you have a book of colloquialisms, or are these nuggets the product of your hypocritical, feeble mind? My name is John McDonough, “Andy.”

  35. paruweb

    I am sure “Interested” was very aware of this when he purchased, as he was aware that only 3 cars park in the garage and it wouldn’t bother him personally.paruweb

  36. Cary Real Estate Blog

    very nice. looks gigantic. too bad it’s not a 3 bedroom.


  37. Andy

    Wow John, you feel all big and proud? Go beat your chest down by the path. You fit right in.

  38. everyone

    Everyone –

    Anyway, thank you everyone for your opinions and/or support. It was very nice to read the posts, as I was away from my computer most of the day yesterday and evening.

    I made a comment about an anonymous broker, anonymous seller and anonymous property to help sellers know the fact that staging, etc. is very important and that brokers (may) want you to ask for a lower price to get the property moved and their commission earned. Despite protests, I still stand by this statement. If you don’t believe it, go trust a broker – good luck. I suggest that you do your homework first, but asking two brokers in town for a listing price is NOT real due diligence.

    In regard to the FMV for the place, we can all disagree. We are confident, but we’re not moving anytime soon, so it really does not matter.

    It’s funny. When we were looking to purchase our price range was around 625K, but we couldn’t find anything that we liked that had wasn’t cookie cutter and had (i) location, (ii) size, (iii) evaluator/parlor level, (iv) outdoor space and (v) parking. Then, the place we bought came on the market and had everything we wanted at a much lower price. We made an offer and got under contract is less then a week of it being listed. During the negotiations, we were advised that the Seller did not need the money to purchase their new home, so there was no urgency – this was true. In other words, the Seller had the position that they were in no rush to sell at all, so they didn’t need to price it to move. Despite that fact, there’s not a lot of time for the market to price a unit when you push a contract is less then a week of listing. Our two back up units, which we (including our broker and friends in Hoboken) thought were inferior, both sold in the past month for 600K and (I think) 580K.

    Anyway – wanted to say thanks and give some more incite!


  39. Recent Buyer

    When Lori dedicates an entire post to the importance of staging, etc. and how most realtors don’t do their job (4 Mistakes Your Friend the Realtor Might Make), all the while throwing the Nudniks’ realtor under the bus, it’s like the gospel word has been spoken.

    But, Interested basically ties the theme in to his purchase, gives a real life example of what he deems affected the sale of the property and he’s creamed?

    A bit hypocritical, no?

  40. JC

    anybody know if thats a private yard? The listing just says “landscape yard”

  41. everyone

    its a common yard, but we have steps into it from our terrace. also, we have been in for 2 weeks and nobody has ever used it….

    we really wanted it for kids and dogs when that time comes….


  42. Lori Turoff

    Common yard.

  43. Tania

    Recent Buyer – I agree with you that its great example of a home that could have had more Jazz added and made appealing to more buyers with alot more staging.

    The reason for my initial email was because myself and the seller’s were ‘thrown under the bus’ as you put it with no regard to their personal life circumstances. I was called a bad Realtor, and them insulted as well for their pricing and home decor when they did not have it within their ability to do these things. They had 2 children, the 2nd of which was barely home from the hospital a couple weeks when we listed the property and had an open house.

    Regardless of their finances that “Interested” is assuming he knows- they did NOT have the ability to move out of their home and have it fully painted and staged while paying 2 mortgages. Or stay in this home longer and paint and do alot of improvements with TWO children, thus passing up the new home they were trying to buy.

    Don’t you think its judgmental on his part to call them and myself basically incompetent given all these factors?

    Interested – I actually asked for a higher price, and gave them advice on what needed to be done to the home. Because they did not do these things does not make ME a bad agent.

    Regarding pricing:
    452 2nd (parking, downtown, 1342sqft)sold for $525k 113 Madison (1310sqft, downtown, parking, kitchen upgraded, well decorated) sold for $565k.
    71 Jefferson (downtown, parking, terrace) sold for $540k.

    And keep in mind if it had been worth more…someone would have offered more. You paid what you did because its also what you thought it was worth. You wouldn’t have risked loosing it if you thought it was worth that much more considering you didn’t pay full price when there were other offers on the table.

  44. Bill

    “Interested – I actually asked for a higher price, and gave them advice on what needed to be done to the home. Because they did not do these things does not make ME a bad agent.”


    but posting personal information about your clients on a message board does.

  45. everyone

    I really do not understand some of Tania’s comments, as follows:

    1. You said early that the two kids running around help put some wear and tear on the place – How does a new born run around? Sorry – that was king of sarcastic!

    2. We were informed that the seller was not in a rush, did not need to sell and, as you know, they did not need the sale proceeds to buy their new place – so I guess someone was not telling the truth;

    3. Some of the home décor was an easy fix – not expensive. Okay, they did not want to do it, but that does mean I can’t tell people it had an affect on the sale.

    4. You say “and keep in mind if it had been worth more…someone would have offered more. You paid what you did because its also what you thought it was worth.”

    *We disagree on this point – I think it was not on the market long enough to get a true market value. In addition, we would have paid a lot more. We paid less than asking b/c we were negotiating hard and pressured a quick contract. It was unlikely that anybody was going to out bid us when we thought we had to spend 625K to get a nice place. I negotiate for a living, so maybe it was unfair….

    5. In regard to comps – I only know 71 Jefferson, which was too far from Washington Street and the PATH for us – good or bad – I consider Jefferson and Madison different neighborhoods. I know a lot of my fiends in hoboken agree with this point – we want to walk everywhere….

    I guess what people take from this is that negotiations can be tricky. Maybe Lori can do a blog on how she handles them?

    I like to say that the point of the blog for me and my fiends who log on is to learn, learn and learn. I hope this fact pattern helped people.


  46. Tania

    Bill – I personally never identified the property, and disclosed anything you couldn’t deduce from plain sight.

    Two children- there were 2 cribs, anyone could see that.

    There are few people that can move out of their homes and afford/want to pay 2 mortgages, mortgage and rent, etc… this would be a blanket statement for anyone selling in my opinion.

  47. homeboken

    Tania – Please don’t worry about responding to these people anymore. You did exactly what every seller wishes their agent could do. You got them an offer at THEIR asking price within a week (per “interested’s” word).

    This is a case where Interested thinks he got the deal of a life time and needs to tell the world how smart he is and he duped the stupid agent and sellers.

    In my experience, those that pound their chests the loudest after a deal closes are usually the most insecure about their decisions. Congrats on the close.

  48. Bill

    Tania – no one knew which property he was talking about till you had to defend your “reputation” – Then it became easy to figure out.

    “The reason for my initial email was because myself and the seller’s were ‘thrown under the bus’ as you put it with no regard to their personal life circumstances. I was called a bad Realtor, and them insulted as well for their pricing and home decor when they did not have it within their ability to do these things.”

    No body was thrown under the bus because no one knew who they were or who you were. it was just an anonymous anecdote.

    Now we know what the property is , who the sellers are and all the flaws of the building thanks to you.

    If I were the sellers or any of the owners in the building I would be furious.

    Do the sellers know this discussion is taking place?

  49. nag

    Bill – you’ve asked the million-dollar question.

    When all is said and done, what people will remember about this blog post is that a realtor posted about her listing, discussed the lifestyle of her sellers, and all the flaws of the unit and the building. That is why this should not have been emailed by Tania and/or posted by Lori. No good can come out of it. It will not repair any damage allegedly done to Tania’s reputation by Interested. Prior to Tania’s post, as others point out, no one even knew he was talking about Tania.

  50. patk14

    Homeboken, excellent point as always. My biggest critique of agents are that they indicate to a prospective seller a high price to get themselves selected during the “beauty contest” process. 3 realtors visit your condo, one says it should be listed at $580K, one $595K, and one $615K. People always think their property is worth more than similar units. They pick the realtor wanting to list at $615K.

    The property sits on the market, very few people even look at it, the market continues to decline, the realtor advises reducing the sales price to $599K. 6 months later, after a few more cuts, the thing sells for $520K. The best realtor was the one who wanted it listed at $580K originally, maybe it would have sold in a week. In a declining market, sellers must be aggressive in their initial listing price and it sounds like Tania did exactly what her clients wanted.

  51. west9210

    “Do the sellers know this discussion is taking place?”

    Good question, Bill. Hoboken’s a small town. You don’t live a few years here without making AT LEAST a handful of very close friends.

    So, even if the couple have moved out of Hoboken, SOMEONE they know in Hoboken will come across this thread, either a reader of this site or through the gossip grapevine, and inform them.

    Then again, as a few here have surmised, perhaps they’re thrilled to simply have sold it and wouldn’t mind reading Tania’s open letter and the ensuing comments.

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