2010 Jun 15th

A Picture of a Hoboken Condo is Worth a Thousand Words

How to Sell Your Hoboken Condo – Step 1.

It’s no secret anymore that buyers start their home search on line.  What do you think they look at?  That’s right – the PHOTOS! Well, also the video.  Yes, there are agents who do video – real video, not “virtual tours” which are a compilation of still photos. Every day when I look at the new listings hitting the MLS I am flabbergasted by what I see:NoPhotoAvailable

So when you are interviewing an agent about selling your property, ask them for the address of other listings they have had, both sold, expired and withdrawn.  Then go on line to realtor.com or trulia.com and take a look at their work!

blurrymirrorcoat on charibathroom counterDark roommessy bedroomunmade bedtoilet

  1. Tiger

    LMAO! 😀 Those photos are crazy!

    I blame the realtor for not ‘staging’ the place for the photos.

    That said, and at the risk of whynot taking a stab at me, some people are just plain slobs. Horders, maybe? I honestly don’t see how they live this way, space is no excuse. Little space = get storage or better yet get rid of your useless stuff.

  2. whynot

    Tiger – You’re likely so cute and put together! 😉 very Zexy very Zexy

  3. shortsequalmarket

    Interesting there is a crib in a picture. I thought families with a kid were here to stay? So unusual to see that in Hoboken LOL.

  4. whynot

    LOL shortsequalmarket! LOL! LOL! You must have a white shag rug like TIger – Grwwwwwww!!!

    I’m glad we will not see all of those little kids in the parks anymore! So annoying and SO loud! Glad they’re all moving out!

    LOL! LOL!

  5. shortsequalmarket

    I think it is safe to say when someone turns your comment about trends into an “All” reply it is their way of saying I agree and have no defense except to turn it into an “All” and hope to make the previous statement sound ridiculous.

    I thank you for your backhanded agreement.

    BTW do you think you will ever have anything to add other than the market has already corrected, it always goes up, and everyone wants to live near the PATH? BTW I did use “Ever” cause I think it appropriately idenitifes your comments.

  6. whynot

    shortsequalmarket – i heart 😉 when you make stuff up to try and win! it’s okay to be wrong. don’t cry out loud!

    By the way, I think I said “the market has already corrected”. I did not say, “it always goes up, and everyone wants to live near the PATH”.

    For the future, I did say “its cheaper to buy than rent”!

    The other day you said you hate women! Do I keep bringing that up?!? 🙁 What a DB.

  7. stan

    anyone have any idea why some of the pictures realtors post look like they were taken through the wrong end of a telescope or through a peephole. There arent any in the above examples, but you see it from time to time on the listings. Its odd. see below:


  8. whynot

    i think they feel like it shows “more” of the place – fish eye lenses should only be used on funny faces! 🙂

  9. David

    The agent who took and posted those pictures, or posts less than 9 pictures, should he be fired?

    I think so, and they should waive any right to the commissions.

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