2010 Jun 21st

It’s the Summer Solstice – Let’s Shine Some Light on Hoboken Tax Appeals

Did you File a Tax Appeal in Hoboken?

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

There is hardly a new listing out there that doesn’t say “taxes under appeal” these days.  Since the big tax increase of last year, filing a tax appeal has become quite common.  In fact, in Jersey City, the successful appeals have in and of themselves caused some fiscal problems for the city.  So here is my question – have you filed a tax appeal?  I’m very curious to know how successful people have been in the tax appeal process.  Does it pay to accept the offered settlement or is it worth it to go before the tax board.  What is the typical tax reduction?  Is it worth it to use a lawyer or is it better to do it yourself?  Let’s get this info out there for all of us to use and learn from.  If you filed a tax appeal, please  fill out the form below (you don’t need to give your name or address) and I’ll compile and post the results:

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