2010 Jul 9th

Open House Google Map for Sat. 7/10 & Sun. 7/11 & Beat the Heat Next Thurs. 7/15 on the Condo Crawl.

Every Open House in Hoboken this weekend as compiled from the Midweek and Hoboken Reporter, the MLS, every Realtor website and email and Craigslist courtesy of the Turoff Realty Team.

cow skullSince many people head to the shore or the mountains during the Summer, and even the people who stick around prefer to stay in their nice air conditioned homes instead of venturing out in the mid-day heat, Century 21 Innovative Realty is going to try a novel approach to the open house formula.  Beginning this coming week they will host a Thursday Night Condo Crawl.  The first of these Condo Crawls will take place on Thursday 7/15 and the theme will be Reasonably Priced 1BRs.  You’ll be able to find the specific condos to be featured on the crawl here on the Google Map, and they will also be advertised in the Reporter and on the Century 21 website.  I guess that’s why they named the place Innovative!

 Here is this week’s map:

When you look at the map, place markers are color coded:

New listings are marked with a Push Pin icon.

Click on the location marker for:

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Want to know which open houses are on Saturday and which only Sunday? Click on “tools” at the top of the list and enter the word “sat” or “sun” (without the quotes) into the search box.

Did you know that the agent hosting an open house is the Seller’s agent?Whether it is the actual listing agent or any other agent from the same company, that person legally represents the sellers.  Not only that, the hosting agent – by law – has a fiduciary duty to the seller to get that seller the highest possible pricefor that property.  Do you think it might be a conflict of interestfor that same person to then represent you?  Many people think so.  In fact, in many states (other than NJ) it is illegal for the same agent to represent the seller and also work with the buyer.

Did you know that when you go to an open house you can see the property at the open house on your own and, if you like it, go back to it with your own agent?You can!  So if you see something you like at an open house you might want to consider finding your own agent who does not work for the seller.Just because you walk into an open house does not mean that the hosting (seller’s) agent gets to “claim” you as his or her customer – even if you “sign in”.  You are the consumer.  You are spending your hard earned money on what is probably the biggest investment you will make in your life.  Don’t you think you should be able to work with whom you choose?

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