2010 Oct 21st

Hoboken Real Estate Photo Contest

This was just sent out in an email blast to all local agents  advertising a $30,000 price reduction on a “One Bedroom Luxury Condo” for sale.  It is priced well over $300,000 and the agent stands to earn a commission of almost $10,000.  This was the main photo on the e-flyer.  I don’t know which part is my favorite – the clothes thrown on the bed or the drapes twirled into a bunch.  Perhaps tenants are living in the property and don’t really care how it shows or how it is marketed.  But can’t the agent who took this photo straighten up, take the shot, and put everything back how it was?  Yes, this same photo is on the MLS, realtor.com, trulia, and probably all the other real estate search sites.  How many potential buyers do you think would want to see this “luxury” Hoboken condo based on the photos?

messy bedI

  1. JC

    I’ll never understand the acceptance by either owner or agent regarding this photo. I can only conlclude they just dont give a crap. Over the years we’ve all seen a lot worse than this though! Same with the outside condition of a building (brownstone) with a unit for sale. I see weeds, oil cans, disgusting benches that for $20 and some elbow grease the curb appeal can improve greatly. I vote for the clothes being worse over the drapes.

  2. homeboken

    Exactly, this is a realtor that will be out of the business very soon. You have closed deals without paying attention to detail 4 years ago, but not anymore.

    The clothes are bad, the drapes are worse. The unmade bed and pillows thrown, the trio of picture frames leaining on the wall, it all points to one of one thing. Lazy and soon to be out of work realtor,

  3. teaorcoffee

    It doesn’t look like there are sheets on that bed!

  4. Craig

    Even setting aside the unkept nature of the room in the photo, you can tell there’s nothing “luxury” about the dwelling. The cheap parquet floor is a dead giveaway, as is the lack of in-unit laundry once you read the text of the listing. Furthermore, the lack of any pictures of the kitchen is also a red-flag that it’s likely subpar. I’d be disinterested in viewing this condo even if the pictured room was nicer because it is falsely being marketing as a luxury property when it is in fact far from it.

  5. Tiger

    LOL, too funy, let’s see:
    – The drapes (like many pointed out)
    – The clothes on the bed (someone is about to get dressed)
    – The cloths hanging on the door(?) or hanger to the rightmost corner of the picture
    – The mismatched furniture (what the hell is that chest in the back doing)
    – The frames on the floor (either hang them or get them out of the picture)

    I can go on, but I am feeling nice today 🙂
    – The yellow small item (?) to the right/behind the bed. This annoys me. what is this? A vacuum cleaner?

  6. Hobo

    Hoboken “luxury” real estate is what “Grimaldi” pizza is to gourmet food.

  7. Tania

    I agree that this photo should not be used to advertise and I personally would have at least made the bed and straightened up as much as possible. Or refused to take photos until it was done.

    BUT – I don’t think its right to always blame the Realtor for the CONDITION. If there is a tenant in there you don’t always know what your getting into if you touch someone else’s things. I have made beds before, but there is a limit to picking up people’s dirty underwear or doing their dishes. And even making the bed can be a problem with tenants that are just unhappy to be made to move.

    Frankly, the general public has no idea how disgusting some people’s beds are – and there have been a few I wouldn’t touch. Those are the instances you tell people you will come back for photos when they are ready. Even couches can be filthy sometimes. A dirty/stained couch in a $500k apartment is un-acceptable, but sometimes seller’s don’t listen. Items like that become reflective often of the property as a whole in terms of how the condition is viewed.

    Condition of the property (and items in it)are the responsibility of the person(s) that OWNS it and/or LIVE in it. If there is a tenant in place than the owner needs to work with the tenant to improve the condition at least for the sake of the marketing photos if possible. We cannot be their nanny’s, maids or mothers. And even in instances where we try to be decorators/stagers we are often not listened too.

    I agree Lori that the agent could have straightened things up and put them back when done. But that is dependant on what the tenant is like and whether you are going to get screamed at later for touching their bed or moving their remote. And the problem with this scenario isn’t about getting yelled at, its about then creating a situation in which you now have an un-cooperative tenant.

    These are just other consideration I think alot of people don’t always realize are going on or can happen which is why I wanted to respond.

    Its not always a ‘lazy’ Realtor. Aside from the decision to actually use that photo (bad), the rest of the circumstances we can’t always control but yet we are always blamed for.

    Just my two cents. Thanks

  8. Lori

    I agree that a tenant could ne the messy one. If so, I would either just put a floorplan on the flyer with a verbal description or if the property is really awful i would decline to take the listing altogether.

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