2010 Oct 28th

Surrender your Car Hoboken!

Here is a radical but green idea – we live in a city, why use mass transit, Connect Cars, Zip Cars, a bicycle and – get rid of your car. Or at least one of them.


  1. JT

    ummm…did anyone see the movie Singles? this is a bit like the Supertrain idea…which died for one reason. The mayor (in the movie) put it so simply, “people love their cars”

  2. carl

    Doesn’t the city make money off of the parking permits?

  3. homeboken

    The idea above needs to be supplemented with an increase in annual parking permit costs.

    Make it $50 or $100 per year to park on the street. People will pay it. Still several thousand less than a garage spot.

  4. Andy

    I have to say I love corner cars. I can actually park it in its own spot and not have to circle around for an hour sometimes and I don’t have to pay for upkeep or insurance. If people realized the cost savings to them anualized I think more people would abandon the need to own a car in Hoboken. I agree w/ homeboken. They should jack up the cost to 100$ / year. Many lots charge more than that / month in town.

  5. Mark

    I am all for corner cars to make people’s lives easier. And eliminate the need for maintaining a car if that works out for you. But for those of us who need a car more often than a couple of hours here and there, I also feel like I am already paying enough in taxes that an increase in the cost of parking would send me over the edge. Yes, lots charge much more, but it’s they are lots. Street parking should not become eye-gouging. Hoboken already charges more than D.C. for parking permits!

  6. homeboken

    Mark – $100 a year is 27 cents per day to park your car in Hoboken. You can’t beat that rate.

  7. patk14

    I park in a lot and still get the parking permit so that I can drop things off at my apartment without worrying that I’ll get a ticket. The annual permit is very cheap. Pay $185/month to park in the lot and only use the car on weekends.

  8. Tiger

    patk14, you are probably better off renting a car every single weekend than the cost of parking / using your car on weekends only.

    Contrary to what your dealer told you, the cost of owning a car, even a leasure car, is rediculous in this area.

    Think about it:
    – Insurnace
    – Parking
    – Mechanical bills (or warranty)

    It can easily add up to hundreds of dollars every month. Rent a car from enterprise and it’s $40 per day on the weekend. Better yet, hop on the NJ Transit to somewhere in Jersey (Iselin, for example) where you can get a deal of $15 per day during the weekend.

  9. carl

    Its my right to own a car and do whatever I want with it. Another example of the government trying to tell us what is good and what is bad for us(social engineering). Election day tomorrow. Vote republican if you care about this country and want the government off our backs

  10. Hobo

    Lol at Carl.
    Hoboken needs following social engineering prog.:
    -$5000/year tax on each dog.
    – 1-year in jail for keeping your pet in a cage.
    (Animal cruelty you know.)
    -$250.00/week for guest parking permit.
    -Free parking for everyone with resident sticker.
    -Remove all parking meters even from Washington
    street. Tourists can come by public or not at all.
    -No trucks allowed passing through Hoboken.
    -No construction before 8a.m. or on weekends.
    -No busing into Hoboken schools.
    -1000.00 ticket for every building/business that has
    litter/trash on the street in front of it.
    -Fire another 30 cops and take all their cars away.
    -Ban any property re-assessment unless it is a
    I am going to think of more….

  11. roger

    Time to move to Georgia. You guys in Hoboken are way to liberal! Tax, ta-tax, tax, tax! That is all the north is about. Spend, sp-spend, spend, spend! Don’t be asking for bailout money when you go broke!!

  12. Lori Turoff

    Goodbye! Oh – and please take your cars with you.

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