2010 Dec 17th

Why Keeping Secrets Is Not Always a Good Thing

It’s OK  To Move to Milburnsecret

Occasionally we work with Hoboken buyers who might also be considering a move to the suburbs.  Montclair, Maplewood, Milburn are often seen as alternatives to Hoboken.  In fact, we jokingly refer to them as the “M towns” – not only do their names start with an M but they are on the “Midtown Direct” train line.  The train ride from these towns into the city is a little over half an hour, usually without having to change trains.  For the price of a nice 2 bedroom Hoboken condo, you can buy a  house.  Maybe not the biggest, newest or fanciest house, but a cute older house with character, often with a basement, driveway and yard.

The M towns have vibrant, walkable downtowns.  They even have their own blogs.  The largest is Montclair, with over 40,000 residents and 5 distinct business districts.  Maplewood is a bit smaller and more family oriented.  Milburn has one of  the  top school systems in New Jersey.  All have parks, arts, good eats and shops.

I completely understand why you would move to these places. Researching them almost makes me want to live there but then I come back to my senses.  It’s still the suburbs. It will never attain the urban lifestyle of Hoboken, with Manhattan a mere 10 minutes away. I couldn’t give up walking around the corner to Elysian Park and seeing the skyline every morning and all the other benefits of living just across the river from the big city.

You’re Not Going To Hurt My Feelings

Why do my Hoboken buyers feel the need to keep secret from me that they are also considering the suburbs.  Is it that you don’t want to offend me?  Do you think I won’t work as hard for you if I know you’re looking elsewhere?  Do you think its better to look at dozens of condos and suddenly disappear and not return my emails or phone calls?   I want to be clear about this:  it’s okay with me if you don’t choose Hoboken.  Not only that, but if you tell me where else you are looking I can help you immensely.

Why We All Benefit From a Referral

We all know that not all agents are created equal.  These towns are not that far from Hoboken.  I know who the superstar agents are and can refer you to someone great.  This helps you because you’re working with a top agent right off the bat instead of wandering into an open house and dealing with the listing agent or some part-timer who is filling in.  The suburban agent loves referrals because when I refer a buyer, they know the buyer is serious, motivated, financially qualified and actually going to buy.  Finally, even if I spend months showing you Hoboken condos, if and when you do buy in Montclair, at least I am compensated for my time from the referral agent.  Everybody wins.

So don’t keep it a secret. Let me refer you to a superstar.

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