2011 Jul 26th

Say Hi to Lori, Have a Beer on HREN!

crowdsTonight Century 21 Innovative Realty will be serving as guest bartenders at the St. Ann’s Italian Festival.  Lori will be working as one of the bartenders.  Come on by, ask for Lori and say “I love HobokenRealEstateNews.com” and we’ll buy you a beer or glass of wine.  Only one drink per customer please.  See you at the Feast.  Salud!

  1. leslie

    just finishing work at midnight … have no life. Would have swung by to say hello to best realtors in town have had chance, — leslie

  2. Raul Morffi

    Yeah, nobody knew who Lori was. I guess you guys didn’t make it to the feast. Publicity stunt?

  3. Lori Turoff

    Given that everyone behind the bar was from our Hoboken Century 21 office, that is simply not possible. Perhaps you weren’t at the right bar. We were in the big church parking lot, not one of the booths along the streets. Sorry you missed me.

  4. homeboken

    Argh, how is it that I am just reading this now, the day after…Missed opportunity.

  5. Lori Turoff

    I’ll tell you what – there is bound to be another party or festival in Hoboken some time soon. I’ll extend the offer again when that happens, whether I’m bartending or not.

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