2011 Aug 1st

What is America’s Top Public Transportation City According to Forbes Magazine?

I’ll Give You A Hint – – –  It Starts with an “H”

To The PATHAccording to an article published today on Forbes website, more people (an estimated 56%)  commute to work on public transportation from Hoboken than any other city in the nation – higher than NY City itself (54.7%).  Read more here.

The next time someone complains to you about parking, remind them how lucky we are to have such a great public transportation system.

  1. Leslie

    Albeit it mostly true (especially compared to LA or SF), it reads like a PR placement, not reporting. ;(/

  2. homeboken

    And yet the 126 still can’t manage to afford proper air conditioning. 🙂

    I was actually surprised the numbe was only 56%. I am guessing that 56% is the percentage of total population that commutes. If you were to take the % of employed workers, I bet the number is closer to 70%.

  3. Tiger

    56% is very impressive. Homeboken, this does not surprise me. Remember back in 2008 when it was predicted that Hoboken will be the hardest hit due to Lehman meltdown? It didn’t. Not everyone who lives in Hoboken works in the city (in finance), many who live in Hoboken actually work in Jersey (mostly Pharma companies) and drive everyday.

    In addition to the transit hub it is, Hoboken is very close to major highways, the turnpike, and a short 15-20 minutes from Newark airport.

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