2011 Sep 7th

The Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up – Hoboken Condo Sales & Activity for the Week of September 7th

Some Real Estate News Around Hoboken

I’ve heard rumors that the women’s clothing store, Anthropologie, is taking over the Blockbuster space at 412 Washington.  I’d prefer their lower-priced sibling, Urban Outfitters (they are the same company).  They are not nearly as overpriced as many of our local boutiques and at least they have great sales.

I’ve also heard that OfficeMax may take over the Barnes & Nobles space.  I don’t see why we need a huge office supply store when 99% of what they sell can be ordered just as easily on-line (unlike clothing which most of us like to try on) and there is a Staples so close by.  I’m still dreaming of a Trader Joe’s.

Supposedly Rush Cycling is moving in next to the Pilsener House up on 15th & Grand.  You can drink beer then work it off spinning.  Oh, but this isn’t supposed to be like ‘spinning’.  It’s stationary cycling where you can lean as you take the turns, like on a real bike.  Look for a grand opening in October.

Finally, the new listings are hitting the MLS faster than I can keep track.  Guess the post-Labor Day deluge is here.

This Week’s Condo Sales & Activity:

1 Bedroom & Studio Condos

14 new listings

6 price reductions

130 active

1 dabo

8 sold

2 Bedroom Condos

10 new listings

9 price reductions

146 active

8 Dabos

7 sold

3 Bedroom & Bigger Condos

no new listings

no price reductions

31 active

no dabos

none sold

  1. Tiger

    OfficeMax? Anthropologie? Jeez! All we need is Chilli’s and it will be time to move out of Hoboken. There’s a Jersey City for that.

  2. Lori Turoff

    Personally, would take a Gap over another nail salon, falafel joint or the Cake Boss any day!

  3. Tiger

    Lori Hoboken is trying to create a new guiness record: Most falafel joints in 1 sq mile! I am originally from the middle east and I’m telling you, we DON’T have 5 falafel joints in 1 square mile… anywhere!

  4. Lori Turoff

    I vote Hummus Bar and Maoz to be the first ones voted off the island.

  5. JC

    office max? Does that business even make sense for brick and mortar anymore? How can that not go the way of video stores and book stores? Mamoun’s does some business…that place is packed almost all the time. Impressive.

  6. Andy

    mamouns has name recognition from the west village plus you cant beat $2.50 sandwich. They’ll push out all the others in a matter of a few months. Wish that the city would put some incentives in place to attract some more mom and pop paces back to washington st. When I first moved here there were only a handful of chains.

  7. Tiger

    LOL, true. Both Humus bar and Maoz are ok at most, Mamouns is killing ’em! You can’t beat the $2.50 falafel sandwich as Andy said, and to me it is as close as it can get to home.

    Falafel is very tasty and healthy, but it is meant to be breakfast or lunch on a budget. I don’t see how folks are charging $5+ for a falafel sandwich!

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