2011 Nov 15th

What’s Going to Happen Down by the PATH?

Development Plans for 52 acres of Downtown Hoboken

I often take buyers to see properties in buildings like 82 Clinton or 415 Newark and they ask me about the train yards or the view.  This is the area under discussion.  You can see from this picture, that what happens on this land is going to have a huge impact on Hoboken.

rail yards

If you would like to know what is going to take place in the downtown Hoboken area – specifically the area around the rail yards, the PATH station, and the bus station, here is a partial answer.  There was a second community meeting on November 10th.  This plan is the result of that meeting.

I took a look through the document – it’s pretty thick – and a few things stuck out.  First of all, where did they get the name “Warrington Plaza” for the area down by the old ferry terminal?  A quick google search uncovered that the late George Warrington was the NJ Transit Executive Director responsible for the renovation of the ferry terminal.  A few other important observations –

There will be more community meetings and public meetings so these plans are sure to change.  Now is the time to get familiar with the project and eventually get involved.  The only certainty here is that the development is going to happen.  Let’s make it right for Hoboken.

  1. homeboken

    I think a reduction in the amount of traffic volume that Observer will be able to handle will be a very bad idea. During the morning/evening rush, Observer can become a total wreck, if anything, it needs to be expanded.

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