2011 Dec 2nd

Is All This Development Really Coming to Hoboken???

Some of my readers asked me to post about the Willow14 project going up on the corner of Willow and 14th Street.  I was looking online last night at their promo materials and learned a few interesting tidbits and a huge shocker. Look at this:


western development

Do you see those huge towers on the western side of Hoboken? What is this exactly?  And what do all those yellow numbers mean?

I blew it up and this is what I see:

There are a few others with actual addresses but those buildings seem to already have been built.  If this is what has been approved for future development, that is about 1400 new units.  Many seem to be 12 stories.  Nothing indicates whether they will be rental or condos.  Does Hoboken really need over a thousand new units of housing?  What will that do to traffic?  To flooding?  What will it do to the value of currently existing properties?

I have a call into the project manager to try to find out where this came from and what it means.  But it was certainly a shocker to me – and a bit disturbing, I might add!  You can click on the link above the photo to see the entire PDF.

  1. Leslie

    Arrgh. Let’s discuss in dog park tomorrow. Had heard loads of rummerings re who (which corrupt, crooked, developer/politician) would get rights to build out northwest and how high buildings allowed, but thought it was on hold/not decided.

  2. Craig

    There comes a point when you have to ask how much more Hoboken’s infrastructure can handle. The place is already overcrowded with 50,000 people crammed into a square mile. If the powers that be insist on more development, it should at least be commerical to take some of the tax load off of residents.

    I’m glad I bought here when I did. Property in this sq. mile will come at a premium someday because sooner or later there is going to come a point where there is simply no place left to build.

  3. bz

    Hoboken is ranked No. 21 Best Housing Market from 2009 to 2011 by Bloomburg Businessweek. http://images.businessweek.com/slideshows/20111021/america-s-best-and-worst-performing-housing-markets/slides/6

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