2011 Dec 12th

Moving In to my Hoboken Home

We spend a lot of time with our clients looking at properties, talking about price, analyzing the market, negotiating and making sure the deal gets done.  A buyer I just recently helped find a new condo in Hoboken, I’ll call her “K”, sent me these photos of her moving in.  It made me realize that what my job is really all about is so much more than just getting the deal done.

K was so incredibly happy to have her first home in time to decorate for the holidays and have her friends and family visit.  People do take pride in where they live when it is their own.  Seeing how excited K was, I realized that I helped make one of the major events in her life possible.  It makes all the aggravation that often goes along with my job worthwhile.

moving in

  1. barbara desalvo

    Dear lori thanks for helping make my daughter,s first of many dreams she has come true. You have been so wonderful to her and we deeply appreciate everything you and your husband have done. Happy holidays barbara

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