2012 Mar 16th

Miscellaneous Hoboken Real Estate Musings

While you all anxiously await this weekend’s Open House Google Map, I would entertain you with a few thought and observations.

–  Keys

If you are trying to sell your property, chances are better if lots of buyers get to see it, no?  So why do sellers not request that their listing agent put a lockbox on the building?  It is not a security risk because the key is not identified with a unit number. Besides, in 10 years of selling real estate, I’ve never heard of one being broken into.  Why do you not, at least, demand that your listing agent make multiple sets of the keys they keep at the office?  Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to all us agents working with buyers to have to hunt down the one and only set of keys on a busy Saturday or Sunday?  Often, we cannot get them at all.  So the buyer doesn’t get to see your gorgeous home.  And it doesn’t sell.  Finally, assuming we do get the keys, how much trouble do you think it would be for your listing agent to label them?  Between bad key cuts, and no labels, do you have any idea how much time I (and other agents like me) waste every weekend fumbling at front doors that won’t open?  Seems like common sense stuff to me yet it rarely is done properly.

–  Sales

I heard a real estate coach give a presentation yesterday.  Personally, these guys turn me off, big-time.  I don’t need a paid cheerleader to motivate me to do my work. Many agents do and coaching is a very lucrative gig. During the presentation, he said (I’m paraphrasing here) interest rates are at an all time low, many agents have dropped out of the business, and even though inventory is shrinking prices haven’t really rebounded – yet.  Real Estate is on sale!  If this were Bloomie’s you’d be fighting each other at the rolling racks.  I strongly suspect that in 2015 and 2016 I’m going to hear buyers saying “oh, I wish I had gotten in back in 2012”.  People are always afraid of missing out on a good deal.  It is here & now.

–  Awards

All the big brokerages have a bunch of terribly-named sales awards;  the President’s Circle, the Centurion, the Million Dollar club, etc.  None of them convey to the home-buying public any sense of how a winning agent differs from the losers.  They are not the “Top 1% of all agent sales Award” or the “I sold 10 times as many condos as the other guy Award”.  Last night, Century 21 had it’s big, regional awards banquet.  Although I passed on the rubber chicken and dessert buffet, I got one.  Woopie for me. I would rather they spent the money and effort on something that would help me help you.  Like designing a really awesome mobile app for home search that had an intuitive user interface and accurate results.

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