2012 May 11th

Support the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation

Not Everything is about Real Estate People!

By Howard Turoff

JLACFLast night Lori and I attended a charity function for our favorite cause – the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation.  As you all should know, Lori and I donate a percentage of our real estate commissions every year to this charity, and I’d like to share with you all a short story about why this cause is so near to our hearts.

I had a dog named Lilac who lived a healthy 17 years and who died back in 1989.  For years after her passing, I would occasionally have a dream where Lilac was alive.  In my dream, she would run to me and I’d exclaim “Lilac!  You’re alive!  I thought you were dead and you’re not” and I’d hug her and kiss her and cry tears of joy.  Eventually I’d wake up and realize that it was just a dream.  I’d be a little sad because my beautiful girl was gone, but I was always happy to have had that dream because, in that moment, when I saw her again and she was alive, it was the happiest moment of my life.

BoneTen years later, Lori and I rescued our beautiful boy Sempai from the Teeterboro animal shelter but, in 2009 when Sempai was diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live, we were devastated.  He was only nine at the time.  I’ll spare you the details but, thanks to the brilliance of his canine oncologist Dr. Joshua Lachowitz and his surgeon Dr. Garrett Davis, Sempai is now 13 and a half years old and cancer-free.  And every morning when I wake up, and I see my boy looking at me, I hug him and I cry tears of joy and I think to myself “Sempai, you’re alive!  They told me you’d be dead and you’re not” and it’s the happiest moment of my life.  Every day.

Josh Lori Paul

If you don’t have a favorite charity – please consider this one.  The goal is not only to help cure cancer, but it also helps people with animals who have cancer to pay for their treatments.  Please give so that someone else can experience more happy days with their pets.

  1. JC

    thanks for the idea….

  2. Charis

    sure, you get a great deal if you buy cheap, but that is not a sign of a healthy maekrt.name any other maekrt in the world you would call healthy is the sellers were all transacting below cost?the sellers getting hosed are mostly builders.but even so, the “great deals” you discuss are not going to be available to many owners forced to sell. if you sell at a loss, then you have no money with which to go take advantage of a deal.you’ll wind up still owing on a house you no longer have. you have debt and no money for a down payment.i understand your argument that low prices are needed to drive transaction and clear the maekrt and agree that it needs to happen, but taking the next step and saying that it’s “a lot better” as a result is going too far.money is being lost hand over fist. it’s still a terrible maekrt in miami, it’s just not stagnant anymore.it will turn around at some point, but with rates about to rise, i would not count on that being soon.

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