2012 Jun 5th

Hoboken Condo Sales Prices on the Rise?

Take a look at these telling charts based on the May sales results:


And this one as well:

sq ft

I’ll be posting the full May results later this week.  Of note, despite my diligent efforts to present accurate numbers and data to you, every month I go back and check the previous months’ results in the MLS and every month I get numbers than I had previously.  How is it that our MLS does not or can not ensure that this information, so vitally important to understanding our housing market and its affect on the larger economy, is accurate and consistent?  I believe it may be due to an utter lack of enforcement of the MLS reporting rules so that agents enter closed transactions late or never enter them at all.  What may seem trivial when you consider a single transaction, in the aggregate, has a significant impact on the statistics.  That sloppiness diminishes all of our abilities to understand and track the market.

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