2012 Jun 28th

A Sad Day for Hoboken Real Estate

My first job as an agent in Hoboken, almost 10 years ago, was at Robert DeRuggiero Realtors.  Bob DeRuggiero passed away last night and it is a very sad moment for many of us.  Bob was a well-known figure in Hudson County real estate for many years.  A local boy who started out working in his Dad’s bakery, he built himself an empire and, more importantly, an honorable reputation as a local businessman.  If you ever wanted to know anything about commercial real estate in Hudson County, Bob was the guy to call. I learned much about real estate from Bob.

Bob was a kind and generous person.  He loved his family, photography, Italy and food – not necessarily in that order.  I remember the first day he interviewed me in his office in Union City.  There was a wall-size photo of the Amalfi Coast which he had taken on one of his trips to Italy, smack across from his desk.  Immediately, we had a connection.  The photo is where my father’s family is from and I’d been there many times.  When we were together we often talked about our travels in Italy and compared our favorite Italian foods.  We shared some wonderful meals together as he and his wife, Norma, loved to throw black-tie parties and take us out to nice restaurants.  They always made us feel appreciated.

It’s not often you come across someone like Bob.  He knew what he liked and had his opinions.  He told it like it was.  He was sincere.  He was a happy guy with a zest for life.  Our heart goes out to you, Norma.  We will all miss him greatly.

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