2012 Aug 14th

Help Save Hoboken’s Safe Streets & Bike Lanes

Community Meeting 7:30 Tonight  at 38 Jackson Street (Chambord Place).

One of the most treacherous streets in Hoboken to cross on foot or bike is unquestionably Jackson Street.  Recently, a unanimous City Council approved a bike lane and an extra lane of parking, both of which also serve to calm traffic at the intersection of Jackson with Observer Highway and Paterson Plank Road.

Because of the parking and bike lane, now Hobokenites and others must cross only one lane of cars instead of three when attempting to cross the street.  Local residents, especially moms with small children who live in the larger condo units in SouthWest, have expressed their pleasure with the change and the increased safety of the streets.  There are further plans in the works to continue the traffic calming measures and improve the walkability and bike friendliness of that part of town.

Some drivers, many of whom are out-of-town commuters and use Hoboken as a “cut-through” to get from the Holland to the Lincoln and avoid tunnel traffic during rush hour, have complained about longer waits to drive across the city.  Councilman Tim Occhipinti has now proposed the removal of the parking and bike lane because of these driver complaints.

Come to the meeting at 7pm tonight to express your concerns and views as to how Hoboken streets can be made safer for everyone.  Meeting location is 38 Jackson Street just off Observer Highway.

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