2012 Dec 22nd

Merry Christmas!

Thoughts on 2012

I’m tempted to haul out the old cliche of the ancient Chinese curse–“May you live in interesting times”.  Any way you slice it, the past twelve months have given us a lot to think about–Our politicians seem determined to engage in pointless, partisan bickering while the serious issues go un-resolved.  Hurricane Sandy demonstrated very powerfully that our infrastructure is vulnerable to the vagaries of Mother Nature.  What’s more, scientists tell us that global warming will make these kinds of ‘extreme’ weather events more common in the coming years. And, just as we should have been relaxing in the warm and fuzzy good-will of the holiday season, the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy has left many of us feeling sad and pessimistic about the state of our world.

I cannot deny that we have problems to solve, and I don’t know that our politicians are smart enough or strong enough to solve them for us.  But I saw the people of our community support each other in the aftermath of Sandy with a generosity and comittment that inspired me and filled me with hope.  And the news is full of stories of people reaching out to the people of Newtown with so much generosity and love that–try though I might to deny it–I am forced to conclude that there may be more Good Guys out there than Bad Guys.

So–let’s agree to take a break from FEMA and the Fiscal Cliff, from Greek Debt and Global Warming,  and spend a few minutes to be grateful for all the Goodness and Beauty out there.  If you don’t see any Goodness and Beauty, make it your responsibility to create some.

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy, Safe & Sound, Peaceful & Prosperous Holiday Season.  And a Happy New Year.


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