2013 Feb 15th

Concerned About Flooding in Hoboken?

One of many proposed solutions can be seen here:

  1. Joe

    Have you seen any basement units sell in the past few months? Are buyers refusing to see basement units?

  2. Lori

    Yes, I just sold a basement unit at 8th & Park after it flooded in Sandy and was renovated. Buyers will buy anything if the price is right.

  3. Gilby

    Well, you know what they say – there’s a sucker born every minute. I wouldn’t go near a basement unit anywhere in town either to buy or even if I were renting. Watching your refrigerator float around like a rubber duck in a bathtub is not my idea of a fun time. But, I guess there are those that don’t mind replacing appliances, furniture or any big ticket items when the next one hits. I’d also avoid any unit that is street level west of Garden.

  4. JC

    Sucker born every minute? Many garden units are deeded the backyard, thats the reason they are so attractive to buyers. Historicall speaking, if you live in an area that has never flooded except for Sandy, there is a very good chance it will not flood again until the next Sandy, once every fill in your number years. Obvioulsy, YOU dont want to risk living in a basement unit, thats your perogative. But calling anybody a sucker for living in a unit that flooded once in the last 100 years is just wrong. Is every homeowner living in the Jersey shore a sucker? What about every homeowner who lives in San Francisco, because there will be a big earthquake one day. C’mon…Gilby, stay in your condo on the fourth floor, or whatever, but dont call basement unit buyers suckers.

  5. Lori

    We are buying property in New Orleans. Guess we are suckers too ; )

  6. Gilby

    Are you buying property in the 9th ward? (the low lying area that housed all the low income properties which was the worst hit during Hurricane Katrina and has yet to fully recover 7 years later) I love Nola and used to call it my second home, spending lots of time down there in years gone by. http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2012/11/06/seven-years-after-the-storm-katrina-tours-cause-controversy/

  7. Lori Turoff

    No, we have no desire to be urban pioneers at this point in our lives and I believe the Lower 9th has years and years to go before it turns around. The up and coming neighborhoods for current gentrification are the Marigny and Bywater. But I’m an Uptown girl.

  8. Gilby

    Well enjoy – it’s my second favorite place in the US….after Hoboken that is!

  9. Lori


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