2013 Apr 8th

How Careful Should You Be About Letting a “Realtor” into Your Hoboken Condo?

There was a wild story on NJ.com the other day about a realtor who went into someone’s apartment without permission, took a book off the shelf and was caught in the act by the tenant.  A fight ensued and the police were called.  It is a bizarre story and I was stunned.

A few days later, I learn from one of my clients that a (supposed) realtor showed up at his property without an appointment.  The seller let him and the (supposed) buyers into his home and showed them around.  When he told me about it I immediately asked for the agent’s name.  He didn’t know.  Fortunately, this person really was an agent.

The bigger issue here, however, is how did the seller know he wasn’t a thief or worse?  Anyone can look for properties that are for sale on-line, put on a suit, or not, knock on a door with two people who look like typical Hoboken buyers and talk their way into a property.  Would you let them in?  Would you ask to see some ID?  Would you say, “please wait in the hall while I call my own agent to confirm that it is alright for me to show you the property”?

Maybe I am just paranoid but my advise is DO NOT let unannounced, unexpected strangers into your home.  For your own sake and safety, check first to be sure they are who they say they are.  In today’s world, you never know what scam someone may be pulling.

  1. Gilby

    Re: the actual story in the Journal – having been to many units with my realtor many times and having experienced many an occupant that hadn’t been told by the seller’s realtor that someone was coming to view the unit, I can see why people might let a stranger in a suit into their home thinking, once again, that the viewing was legit and they just hadn’t been appraised. It’s a rare occurrence, that the occupant denies entry. Great advice to sellers and tenants. They should always refuse (unless they know the realtor.)

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