2013 Apr 15th

Selling Your Hoboken Condo – A Short Test on How to Decide Who to Hire

The market is unquestionably picking up and more owners are becoming sellers.  In doing so, they have to decide who to hire to list their property.  There are many bases on which to make that decision.  Over the next couple of posts, I’ll touch on some of them.  Today’s topic is “Visuals”.

Today’s buyers are independent and want to be in charge of their own search.  Typically, the first thing they do is go to the internet, usually to trulia.com or realtor.com, and start searching on-line.  They look at photos.  One would think that the quality of those photos should be rather important.  That they should be as attractive and make the property being sold as appealing as possible.  One would think.  Evidently, some agents simply don’t think.  Every day, I see photos posted on the MLS (which is the feeder for all those other consumer-focused real estate search sites) that are garbage.

So lesson one – before you hire an agent, look at their past or current on-line listings.  Take a look at the photos and answer these questions:

1. – Are there photos?  At least 9 of them?  If not, pass.

2.  – Are the photos sideways or upside down?  If so, pass.

3.  – Is one of the photos an open toilet bowl?  If so, pass.

4.  – Is one of the photos and unmade bed with laundry dumped on top of it?  If so, pass.

5 – Are the photos of the actual property at the actual time it is being sold and not recycled from another unit in the same building or the last time it was on the market without such being disclosed?  If not, pass.

This may seem like common sense stuff but I see terrible pictures appear on the MLS every single day.  We get to post only 9 photos on the MLS and one has to be the building facade.  That leaves 8 precious opportunities to convince a buyer to choose your home to visit and possibly buy.  Having good photos may seem like a very basic concept, but it is extremely important.  Yet a huge number of agents’ listings out there would fail this simple text.

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