2013 May 26th

Does that Hoboken Condo Come With Parking?

Doncha’ love when the listing says parking for “1 car–garage” is included, and then in the remarks they clarify that “There is a rental garage 2 blocks away for additional monthly fee”.

Then there is the blithe and brazen way in which so many Hoboken real estate agents inflate the bedroom count when they list properties.  A bedroom must have a window and a closet and a door.   And should be big enough for a bed.  Granted, the pathetically inadequate and outdated forms we are required by our MLS to use to enter the listing data does not have a “den” category but the agent can simply disclose it in the remarks – there is a difference between a 2nd bedroom and a den.

How about re-listing the property as a new listing at a lower price to reset the “days on market” clock.  That’s a new one that has become popular.

Or using photos of a property that were taken years ago – before the messy tenants moved in and trashed the place.

My personal favorite remains the agent who lists a 4th floor walk-up as being on “floor 3”.  When questioned about it, his answer is always “there are 3 flights of stairs”.

Cut the crap, people…and have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  1. Lindsay

    Hi Lori, does a bedroom have to have an exterior facing window to be considered a bedroom? If a room has a Folsom window (picture window cut out in interior wall) can that be legally classified as a 2 bedroom or just a 1 bedroom plus den?
    Thanks for any info.

  2. Lindsay

    I meant Transom window, not Folsom window.

  3. Lori

    Lindsay, it depends on the jurisdiction. In Hoboken, a bedroom must have a window. Whether an interior window “counts” is questionable and something you might ask the building department at City Hall.

  4. Nathan Turoff

    For the record–a transom window is typically a hinged window located immediately above a door. Historically, transom windows were used to facilitate air-flow between rooms when occupants wanted to keep the door closed.

    An exterior window provides direct natural light and–if it is operable–is a source of fresh air. A transom window provides only indirect light and no fresh air to a window-less room.

  5. Andres

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