2013 Sep 27th

Truly Great Real Estate Advertising – By 3 Year Olds and Dogs But Better Than Most Agents.

Every day, we see awful examples of advertising done by real estate agents.  They’re often unavoidable.  Do photos on the shopping carts in the grocery store or on the side of a bus bench actually persuade you to hire that person to sell your home for you?  Did you decide who was the agent best suited to find a new place for your family based on a refrigerator magnet you were sent in the mail  with the Jets and Giants schedule on it?  Somehow, I doubt it. That is the convention in the industry, though so agents keep doing those same old, things.

Today I stumbled across something really cute and creative.  It had a very authentic feel to it.  Coldwell Banker sponsored a contest called Life, Camera, Action and offered a $25,000 prize.  They asked people to submit youtube videos about their home from the perspective of their children or pets.  Here is the winning entry.


If you know me, you know what dog lovers my husband and I are.  Here is my favorite:

Wow – these are awesome! I wish half the advertising done by agents were as good!

  1. Leslie

    I think the dog one is so much better at showing the house, with perspective of two large dogs. i.e., shows well how large the rooms are and nice outdoors!

    Kids were cute, but almost made me think they didn’t want to move and didn’t showcase house as well.

    Your choice should have won!

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