2013 Nov 25th

Should You Sell in Hoboken During the Holidays?

Real estate is seasonal everywhere and Hoboken is no exception.   Since it takes about 45 days to close, the fewest number of closings have been in the 1st quarter because the slowest quarter for shopping and making offers is during the holiday season.  You can hopefully see this on the chart below.

So if you are thinking of selling, should you list your place now?  Here are some pros and cons for you to ponder.

You will have to keep your home neat and tidy for showing and open houses which may be more difficult when you’ve got lots of holiday parties and cooking to do.  Then again, if you are having company, maybe now is a good time to do a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering anyway.

There may be fewer buyers out looking for homes right now but there are also fewer new listings for yours to compete against.  Those buyers who are out during the holidays must be pretty serious buyers and not just window shoppers looking for something to do on a nice day.  Moreover, buyers look at homes on-line before they ever go see anything in person.  Internet usage peaks during the holidays as more and more people shop for gifts on-line.  Your listing may be just a click away from Amazon.com.

If your property has been listed for some time and isn’t selling, this is a great time to drop the price or do the work needed to make it show better.  With such limited supply of new listings, your price and property improvements are more likely to be noticed.

The bottom line – unless your property features some amazing outdoor space which is going to really blossom (pun intended) in the Spring, you may actually benefit from listing now – while inventory is low, buyers are serious, and there is less competition.  Want a personal assessment of what your home is worth and what you need to do to get it sold?  Feel free to contact me for a consultation.  [email protected] dot com



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