2013 Dec 5th

Please Don’t Spam Me With Canned Newsletters

We had a sales meeting at our office the other day and a rep was there from a company pitching canned newsletters.  He promised that this service would get real results because if we bought this service and I put your name and email address into my mailing list, then I would be the only one who could then email you this newsletter.


After writing my own, original, relevant and hopefully valuable content on this blog for almost 10 years now, I couldn’t help but wonder – do consumers really want to receive canned content?  One of my colleagues must have merged all his contacts into the program and  my email address was included.   Now I receive these newsletters from him.

A quick glance at the email and my immediate reaction is to hit “delete”.  I can instantly see that this is a canned email.  It says absolutely nothing to me, as an individual.  The articles aren’t even that relevant to urban living.  Helpful tips about how to deal with your front lawn in the winter time and holiday paint colors for your dining room – that sort of thing.  There are way better ideas on Pinterest.  Sure, maybe an article on interest rates but I get my financial news from more reliable sources, like Bloomberg and the Wall St. Journal.  This is lowest common denominator, generic writing for the anonymous masses.

My own reaction to these emails is if you are going to bother emailing me, please send me something relevant.  Take the time to say something personal.  To me, this business is all about developing relationships.  That’s done by communicating information of value, listening to your needs and concerns and addressing them.  If an agent can’t be bothered to do that, do you really want them representing you on one of the largest transactions of your life?

Agents can do more volume and therefore earn more commissions without taking the time to send an individual personal note to everyone in their database.  Canned messages are quick, easy and can be automated.  They also say something about the sender at least to me.  Maybe the agent who provides the best service and has the most satisfied clients is not the one who closes the most deals.  What do you think?

  1. Kevin

    Your e-mails and website are great. I enjoy the content and like viewing the details and analytics for the city of Hoboken.

  2. Lori Turoff

    Thank you, Kevin. When it is time for you to buy or sell a home, I hope you will let us help you.

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