2014 Jan 25th

Worst Hoboken Open House in 10 Years

Just when I thought I’d seen it all.  I take some brand new buyers to see some properties today.  It’s their first time in Hoboken after having been priced out of the City and disappointed in Brooklyn.  Here I am, as the ambassador to our little Mile Square City trying to present the best possible view of Hoboken.  We walk into an open house for a $600,000 property and see this:


Are you kidding me? Dirty undies on the floor? The agent hosting the open house couldn’t be bothered to walk through the property and check?  Just appalling.  All I could do was rush my buyers out of the bathroom and hope they didn’t notice.

Do your job or find a different one.  You make us all look bad!  That’s all I have to say.

  1. Guest

    Wow, that is funny! Are people really that clueless?

  2. Craig

    I can top that story. I walked into an open house for a condo in my building that recently sold (Lori, you know the one). I went to say hello to the listing agent, whom I happened to know. He invited me to look around and give feedback on the staging. Upon entering one of the bathrooms, I found something even more disgusting that what Lori found: an open, filthy toilet that had been used and not flushed.

    I brought it to his attention and he ran in there red faced. How the hell did he manage to miss that? Guess who I won’t be using as my listing agent when my time comes to sell.

  3. lori

    That is horrible!

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