2014 Aug 14th

An Actual Hoboken Real Estate Conversation

Last week, a property was listed in the MLS as an 800 square foot 2 bedroom.    There was no floor plan provided, though the capacity to provide one right on the MLS exists and we always do.  From the photos, it was impossible to tell what the layout was like, and there were no pictures of the second bedroom.  My buyer was interested in seeing it but asked me about the second bedroom.  Having sold a unit in that building years ago, I was pretty sure that it was not a true 2 bedroom.  I suspected that the second “bedroom” was actually the little, half-room which is above the entrance hallway on the main floor.  This little room is often used as an office or a nursery as it will fit a crib but it is not typically large enough for a full sized bed.

First, I called the listing agency to request a floor plan.  I was told none was available.  This is interesting because there is a Master Deed for every condo unit and in that Master Deed, is a floor plan for every unit in the condo association.  So one was available, but this agent didn’t have it or hadn’t bothered to ask the seller for it.    So I texted the listing agent.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  “Is 123 Main St. a true 2br or a railroad?  Is the 2nd BR the little room over the lobby?”

Listing Agent:  “2br”

Me:  “Right, but equal size BRs?”

Listing Agent:  “No”

Me:  “So is the second “bedroom” the small room above the entrance way on the parlor floor?”

Listing Agent:  “I dont know.  When you see it you will know”

Needless to say, my buyers didn’t care to see it.  What took me aback, however, is that this agent could not be bothered to answer a simple question from another agent.  I assume he couldn’t be bothered because the alternative is that he really didn’t know the layout of his own listing, which would be nothing less than a likely breach of fiduciary duty to his seller.  How do you not know the layout of your own listing?  Why haven’t you bothered to get a floor plan?  Does the seller of this property know that his or her agent is dealing with inquiries from agents in this callous manner?  If I were the seller and found out, I’d fire this agent immediately.  This makes me just crazy and gives ALL realtors a bad name.  Raise the bar, people!


  1. Zach Turner

    I never cease to be amazed at the wishful thinking and outright fiction in so many property listings.

    It seems Realtors (or sellers?) are trying to seduce/trick people into seeing the space (thus the response “When you see it you will know”) in the hope that the overall impact of the unit (granite counter-tops! glass mosaic back-splash!!!) will so overwhelm buyers that they will decide that they don’t REALLY need a functional 2nd bedroom, or windows in the living room or whatever the category of deception is that has been perpetrated in the listing.

  2. Chili Agee

    I’ll bet I know who the agent was. I’ll not mention any names, but is he a smug little bald-headed fart who thinks he invented real estate? Tell me if I’m right.

    And thanks for all the great work Lori. The info you provide for free is invaluable. I’m not looking to sell now, but when I do, you’re the agent I’m hiring.

  3. John

    This is why you will be my realtor when i eventually sell in Hoboken! Keep up the great work and go Jets!

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