2014 Dec 10th

Update on the Proposed “Hoboken Arts Center” 12-story building at 931 Madison

I didn’t attend, but there was a meeting last week at 901 Madison at which about 40 residents attended, along with several City Council people, Mayor Zimmer, project owner/developer – Rob Grenoble, (he currently owns the Water Music studio at the site) and the architect, John Nastasi. From what I’ve been told, the session was an opportunity for local home owners to voice their many concerns about the project to the council members and the Mayor.  My source tells me that public opinion was extremely negative.

Major concerns voiced by residents included increased traffic, insufficient parking, noise, safety, and the poor planning for the construction of a 12-story building amongst 6-story buildings.  Local owners made it clear that they do support the arts but not this particular project at this particular location, in its proposed form.  Many residents questioned why this application was approved in 2006 to begin with and why now, almost 9 years later, the project isn’t being questioned and the application approval revisited.  Only two of the board members who originally voted to approve the project remain on the board (and they were not at the meeting).  At one point, the developer/owner Grenoble said something to the effect that a random 12-story building “would help the Hoboken skyscape look less like the projects.”  His comment was not well received.

Councilman Peter Cunningham was in attendance, and said that no decisions have been made yet, and nothing has been approved. The subcommittee is only going through the required process when a developer submits a proposal.  Cunningham took down the contact information of all the attendees, and said they would keep us in the loop as the process moves forward.
Many neighbors and residents of the immediate area were unhappy with the proposal and concerned about increased loitering.  (Loitering caused by Performance space?  I’m not sure I get the connection).  Some recently purchased condos at “Tribeca West” at 930 Jefferson, ranging from half a mil to over a million.  From the renderings, it looks like their balconies will have a front row view of the proposed open-air performance space.
I will continue to keep you posted as the story develops.

Meanwhile, tonight at 7pm is the meeting on the development at the NJ Transit Yards on the south end of Hoboken. Go if you can.

  1. feez

    Maybe loitering isn’t the best word, but 2000 people leaving a show at 10th & Madison sounds like a problem.

  2. Chili Agee

    That many people, if not way more, “leave” the PATH station every night without issue. They leave the St. Anne’s festival, the concerts on Pier A, the Elks club parties, the Beer Garden. Why is it a problem?

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