2016 Apr 7th

A Cause About Which The Turoff Team Cares Deeply

Get Ready for the JLACF 5K Run and Ice Cream Social in Liberty State Park!

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As every reader of HobokenRealEstateNews knows, there is nothing in the world more precious to me than my beautiful, healthy little chow chow Velvet, but long-time readers remember my first love, the magnificent golden-chow Sempai.  Sempai lived a long, happy life but he did face a few challenges, and through him we met a wonderful, caring canine oncologist named Dr. Joshua Louis Lachowicz.  Dr. Lachowicz sponsors a charity called the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation (“JLACF”).  This foundation gives financial assistance to people with pets that have treatable forms of cancer, but lack the funds for the expensive medicine and treatment necessary.  When we met Josh, we had just been told (by a different oncologist) that Sempai had cancer and that he’d probably only live three or four more months.  He was only nine years old.  With Dr. Lachowicz’ brilliant care Sempai live five more happy YEARS.  We were lucky because we could afford to pay for the treatments Sempai needed, but there are many who have to unnecessarily say goodbye to their best friends.  We will be eternally grateful to Dr. Lachowicz for all he did, and we’ll never begin to thank him enough, but we try by donating a percentage of our real estate commission earnings to the JLACF every year.


On May 1st, Dr. Lachowicz is sponsoring the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation’s 3rd Annual Walk, Run & Wag 5K and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Party, which will be held in Liberty State Park, New Jersey.

On hand at the event will be Christine Nagy of 106.7 Lite FM and they will have a music truck on-site.  You’ll also get to meet science journalist and author Arlene  Weintraub at the Event!  Arlene has 20 years of experience writing about healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology and she will be available to discuss and answer questions about her new book, Heal: The Vital Role of Dogs in the Search for Cancer Cures (ECW Press 2015), which brings to life the world of comparative oncology and the many ways dogs are helping in the war on cancer.

Sadly, Velvet, Howie and I will not be in NJ that weekend or we would certainly be there, but we hope you and your dog will to support this wonderful charitable organization.
Josh Lori Paul

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